November 20, 2005

wtcc in macau

for the first time the last race of wtcc series (etcc for last few years) was held in macau (some drivers tried macau circuit when they knew there would be the place of last race this year and most of them had raced there in formula 3 or other touring cars). the weather is the best compared with last few years and lots of auidences were waiting to watch the race and played auidence wave at their seats.

the first session was held at noon. the race was soon stopped for a while while six cars including jörg müller crashed just after lisboa bend and blocked the track. local portuguese andré couto had leaded but hit twice (lisboa bend, fishermen's bend) to the wall so we needed to withdraw. alfa romeo's augusto farfus jr. won this session while last year winner andy priaulx, seocnd in championship was jsut after him and seat's richard rydell was in third. fabrizio giovanardi, third in points could not finish the race and lost the chance to get the championship. first in points dirk müller got hit near the end of the session and finished at position 10.

the second one started around an hour and a half later. started at pole was three-time winner duncan huisman who was started at 15th at the first race (8th when crossed the flag). Second is btcc champion james thompson. third is peter terting who drove a seat. there were three laps with safty car becuase 4 cars crashed at fishermen's bend and two extra laps were given for racing. huisman maintained the lead until the end and priaulx was strong enough to get second from starting 8th position. dirk müller was in bad luck when he just passed the other before the lisboa bend and could not get into the line so that he crashed to the bend directly. with the withdrawl of the race, priaulx is the first world champion. alain menu was strong enough to survive the race after a small touch of lisboa bend and finished at third.

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