November 17, 2005

Motorola plans Apple-style product launches

cnet posted that article saying that motorola will promote new products like apple-style. but i don't think that's a magic for motorola.

apple product range is not so wide as motorola's. so it's easy to push more resources on making attract products and there are plenty of times to make people to think what new products are making. so that it's style is useful.

but in motorola case, it has a lot of products, some are attractive but many are not especially the low-end ones so that they need to promote their new products month by month. there's no room for outsiders to imagine new products and no rumours can be made.

in order to make this new style success, both motorola production and marketing staff need to put a lot of effort to change their working style and pay hard to make good products and imaginations.

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