November 30, 2005

snap from speech by chief executive

since this morning, the radio has already said there was an important annoucement would be performed by our chief executive donald tsang tonight at 7:30. here are some of my findings during the speech:

  • chief executive was wearing new glasses
  • he sat just like a robot, even worse than C-3PO
  • he mislead us in 2 points:
    chief executive and new counilers of legislative council are elected with all citizen-elected district council members. (but actually some are appointed by our chief executive)

    the research he talked was done before the fifth report of the constitutional development task force was made. (he already misled british and american politicans with this point)
  • after his speech, tvb jade channel the news presenter asked the comments from a political commenter and two political party members. the dressing of the chairman of democratic party, LEE Wing Tat, is not very good. the lower part of tie was shown and he should either button all the buttons or not button at all.

    even worse was from the other party member, DAB's LAU Kong Wah, his face had two red spots which looked like ghost in traditional chinese stories... and what he said i can sure is not from his own heart, is from the order of central government. in thier local communists' mind, they don't like the current chief executive and they want to rule hk just like last seven years (most of hk people still remember how "good" last seven years were)

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