November 13, 2005

Prince of Wales

used to have a chance to own hong kong and he presented his family on the event of handover. but the genes of royal family showed that females are with much longer life. (queen victoria and the queen mother, even his mother the queen). he was interviewed by cbs' 60 minutes before he formally visited the united states after he married duchness of cornwall. some of the highlights were shown by local partner's cantonese channel programme last night.

he's 57? he should not hire nine public relationship officers but someone for make-up (compared to last governor chris patten, he's 61). i'm afraid of the look of prince william after 10 years.

but his interview shown in page 2 & 3 is the key point of my thought. sustainable development; livability; today's world abandoning so many things unnecessarily, so often in the name of efficiency... we are not the technology. it should be our slave. but it's rapidly becoming our master in many areas; frontier of farming organically (quite hard for hk without enough financial support like high-end products maintenance); i totally agree what he said on technology. we are already becoming slave. air-con cycle in hk; email and blackburry everywhere everytime even in the holidays. at last we don't have room for any more thing...

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