November 01, 2005


saturday took grad pix for alex and kk coz they need to dealy their graduation for co-op scheme. campus modifications are on the way while people are still the same. they still played cards after photographin'. except ivan took his girlfriend to give us an introduction. she's a bar tender workin' at lan kwai fong.

another interview was on monday afternoon. it's a consulation company to work on stuff related to microprocessor. talked over 15 min on why i still findin' this kind of job but i still cannot give a good answer... seems another lost. but he did say a main point why hk can still have a small bit of industry even wages are high, people are not smart (compared to billions of people). that's the intellectual property.

dinner for hong's and my birthday. after that we went to lan kwai fong to join the celebration of hallowe'en there. the head of lan kwai fong was also there in stead of stadin' at remote government's ocean park which he acts as the chairman. it's not cheap for minimum charge ($60) to get a drink and stand inside the bar. but it's festival time. later we moved to get back home and find our mr. police standin' to guide people (us also) the way back home.

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