March 28, 2005

a bit of lucky

played billard after singing karaoke with sec mates at tsuen wan on sat. so damn little lucky to kick balls into holes just with unimaginble reflections. after that they played mah-jongg and winning eleven 8 at dicky's home and i played dynasty warriors 4 & gt4 with his new ps2, also aa & online there. but lastly i watched 公主復仇記 in vcd format. what i wanna say is so clever the writer is.

March 25, 2005

from last post

something should be written down on last post but forgotten. 1st is killing the fan with using gold-wire stuff. it fails even we used tricks learnt from our german colleague. and it hurt me! 2nd is my sister replaces her mp3 player from old-aged one to ipod photo 30GB. she paid HK$2000 and my mom paid the remain. so rich she is!

yesterday finally kicked the fan and i will not care it until retest if i'm still here. but i'm gonnabe very hurry for the light chains and need to finish them before the end of month. So hard days coming after easter. jesus please save me! in this easter i'm very bored. a bored man with no activities. gonnabe dusty

today fixing my leg (i think this problem is from the human body design. why get away tail?) then bought 2 books again and found out a failed product done by my colleague (i may need to type a blog to describe them. lol) being sold on GOD. how much is it? HK$8xx. it's cheap stuff and not worthy for that. bought a cup of new coffee from starbucks when back home.

March 23, 2005

don't moan or bitch too much

ball said that yesterday after we talked. somewhat i did do too much.

so today 1st to be notified to get up to get trained on household stuff on next 2 weeks. 2 weeks? can i do that so quick? i think i'm too slow. how to get faster?

wasted too mcuh time on material test of my little fan (prepartion and killin' that). clsoe to the end of my little fan. and 2 more bridging but needed to use some tricks on last one so that didn't leave tooo late.

hopefully tomorrow can get away the fan and finish a large part of filling paper for one of the chains and to start a normal operation temperature rise measurement of LED nightlight

March 22, 2005


sleepy caused me hurt

1st to short the motor operating capacitor. so the fan smoky and exploded. really a shock! why i should so a damn dangerous job to do? but it's good that no need to copy the data as the motor has been down. thought finished the temperature measurement of light chains, what the hell is not. there is a bridging function (if one fails, other lamps are still on) and i need to do it one by one to check whether it's safe or not! after finising one of it and moving it to the sideway, my thumb was got hurt by a broken lamp (color of lamp and artifical grass are so damn close!). but no one cared. other stuff done today was mainly cleaning up fan stuff & fan stuff (but still lots of it). some pressure felt to start a new led nightlight and workaholic wanted me to help her to do a coffee maker. she's too damn loving this job (why on earth having this kind of people. the business is not yours and company can kick your ass out as easy as possible. DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF) and missed friends gathering orginially at 6:30 (she left at 8!). on the bus, saw roadshow playing a program promoting digital stuff and found one of the adcs classmates as a presenter! his loving lips and eyes showing loading his memory is funny. he has a much better look than the old guy!

March 21, 2005

plain but in a city so dead

nearly cannot find right clothes to back work & missed the last bus. met the colleague in the bus and continuing blaming our company. lol. got a can of coffee to flush me up. another colleague said saw me in causewaybay on sat and asked me about the hair cut. omg. my eye-sight is so bad and i need to tune my glasses again? anyway he is not so attractive to be seen and her girl friend is in little size. and anyone walked besides me and i didn't find you out please don't blame me!!! 1st to do was to water the santa claus' car using non-standard stuff. but anyway same as the deers, it failed the electric strength test (too prevent the current flowing to non-live parts). the put it to the tempature rise test. began to replace the failure fan. so fast, my lunch time came. so stupid to order a mini-pizza. expensive & too damn small. but others taught me how to feel full with coke. haha.

afternoon i think now was wasting my time and luck was turning down. did much minor stuff but actually nothing has been done. really forgot what i've done that time now. but those things made me not leave early. more bad luck when leaving. saw no one waiting 47x, so i went to wait 48x. but after getting on 48x, saw a 47x coming in front and flew away. so damn slow was the driver. just wanna fxxk him! used so much time to back home and my shuffle played whole no angel & 4th song of life for rent (i.e. life for rent). but something good to know poirot will be shown on atv world on coming sunday 9:00pm. it's five little pigs (not yet seen the book since it's published in war-time and i still stick before that period).

March 20, 2005


today didn't go out. like a pig laying inside the home. surfin' the web; searchin' jobs; playing computer games; watching tv; putting songs to shuffle; reading; & the most important sleeping like a pig for around two hrs in the afternoon!

just the news report talking about some youths in hk being a pig just like japs. no work, no study. only eat & sleep. someone should kick their ass to make them move!

before sleep last night. listening the radio and heard something a bit abnormal. a man wanna chase a girl and the girl allows him to take her hand & kiss her face but not her lips. so the man doesn't know what should be gonna do and asked djs. i only think it's funny

hair cut

today was rather free even at work. no supervisor because of training something like "how to deal with asshole customer" (i may need to learn how to deal with every asshole stuff). just burnt a fan motor for abnormal test. checked it to prevent touching movable parts. and did a temp rise measurement for light chains. and work never ends. few new stuff came but not yet start to kill them. but not doing that may harm everybody. just like one of my partners is doing a portable clothes dryer which has been already chosen by a credit card company as a promotion product!

took an expensive lunch at seiyu. then to causewaybay to find hair stylest to fix my hair. but too busy to care me. i need to walk for 2 hrs on streets. 1st to sogo to have a look for ivan's levi's store. he's care to his business. while chuen as a part time was not in mood. he will start to work again on monday so he wanna take a break on sunday and asked me to replace him. nah to him of course. i did wanna buy some stuff there to win tickets for avril lavigne's court on coming friday. but no one would wanna see with me so i forgot it. then to victoria's park and found not many playing model ships. took another expensive meal at park's kiosk (not so good service to all kind of people). and walked nearby for a few moment before having the hair cut. quite fast and i fell asleep. to citysuper again and buy weak flour for mom. it's put at chinese /asian food instead of baking stuff.

saw some celebrities today, two artists and one writer. 1st is a tvb female artist when i came to sogo. she was having heavy make-up and saying bye to her mom? when i left citysuper i met tao jie. looked like just woke up, he was searching something there (lady - that's me or his family). he's around 5' 10" high. last is an atv female artist at mtr station. she should be going to the party

March 19, 2005

just copied

Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

Am I gay?

March 18, 2005

more on chains

those chains are in plastic grass with iron skeleton using low voltage provided by an transformer. can go outside so i need to test with this feature. one word: trouble. size too big so that cannot fulfill the standard (our lab is trying to be a cb lab with help of our partner).

those ive students came to do fyp again. and our boss (a talk ass) waited their time to sell our lab hardly. shit!

March 17, 2005

christian related

happy st. patty day everyone. but not me! lonely & need to work hardly. the loyal workaolic thinks every taking sick leave is finding another job... crazy! just finished retests of old customer's luminaire (not stable quality. don't buy them!). doing 2 more.

1st is box fan. just gave us god damned new synchronous motor and i need to take out the old one and replace just because the movable guard is too big! they just do too much. not just renew the guard, but also the motor and i need to do all stuff again!

2nd one is from our big boss. some christmas light chains with 3 different style deers and one santa claus sitting on the deer car. too damn big to put into our equipment. but seems a bit easier to do than fan.

60335 should the troublest standard on earth. so many tests with tough requirement from supervisors and our partners (french & german) but can only get very few money back. what the hell that nearly every household products are guarded by it. so safety testing must rely on related jobs mainly. life is much easier for emc. 20 jobs per day can be done for a small lab. 1 job can be done in 20 days at our side is pretty good.

March 16, 2005


what i mean is waiting my sick leave for a nearly useless interview

interview @ CITIC Telecom 1616 Limited
time : 4pm
people: technical guy who used to study a part-time degree with fyp under prof luk

place is nice! only used 15 min to interview & i spoke much more than him (my performace is even better than him).

damn things:
  1. salary: 8000
  2. shift: 3 shifts on mon - fri. 2 12-hr shifts on sat or sun
  3. application form: not that company name which means possibly when i got an offer i will sign the other company
  4. he said he interviewed many people (shows how small i am in his eyes!)
  5. no need to check my academic genuineness
haha took fat's chocolate from his table. thx

great in festvial walk kicked away?

March 13, 2005

in debt

paid too much in these two months:
family contribution
fees (including loans!!!)

all salary gone :(

March 09, 2005

sick leave

just woke & felt foot pain. with running nose. mom geeting her leave asked me to take a leave too. and i agreed. later on to the doctor to fix it. took a nap again during that time. and then to cityu to see guys. took the grad pix and put them to ivan's shops. back home now

forgot to mention we celebrated carmen's birthday with karoake buffet last sat~~

March 06, 2005

and finally...

after the blog below, updated software (why always have updates every week?). took a short nap when tired (too early woke up but late sleep last night). played the game for a while (get respected as a clan member ) then went to see doctor to fix me (too weak i am). took some food nearby after that. took MTR to causeway bay. first to renewed citysuper. it expands by kicking pageone to 9th floor of the same building (i will talk about it later on). finally finds garlic butter from new zealand and just bought it without any hesitation!!! and from a separate bakery but inside the supermarket area used over a half hundred to buy four breads. three are just simple but and one is donut. it is smallest pageone in hk yet until phase 2 finished in may but the design makes you think they won't sell books to normal people anymore. had a trip on the tram to central. very crowded so cannot take some photos on this sunny day. camera was finally useful on the ferry. the view was cool and the wind was cold.~ some pix are posted here and then back home.

thx god to make sunday the rest day (should be saturday, but other religion affected christians - i forget the source). stay away crappy work; listening lovely songs from shuffle; reading books (finished part one of chinese version rich dad and the abc murders nearly); & watching people behaviour. all these make my soul relaxed (but not my body). but tonight i still need to waste my energy for job hunting.

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weather is very good

i think this is the best day in this year!!! has a far will. nearly no clouds in the sky. lovely

must go out to take a breath!

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i find myself hard to learn things

i don't know whether i hate them? or too tired? or not concentrated on those? or too many other things wanna learn so that cannot be good on one thing?