March 06, 2005

and finally...

after the blog below, updated software (why always have updates every week?). took a short nap when tired (too early woke up but late sleep last night). played the game for a while (get respected as a clan member ) then went to see doctor to fix me (too weak i am). took some food nearby after that. took MTR to causeway bay. first to renewed citysuper. it expands by kicking pageone to 9th floor of the same building (i will talk about it later on). finally finds garlic butter from new zealand and just bought it without any hesitation!!! and from a separate bakery but inside the supermarket area used over a half hundred to buy four breads. three are just simple but and one is donut. it is smallest pageone in hk yet until phase 2 finished in may but the design makes you think they won't sell books to normal people anymore. had a trip on the tram to central. very crowded so cannot take some photos on this sunny day. camera was finally useful on the ferry. the view was cool and the wind was cold.~ some pix are posted here and then back home.

thx god to make sunday the rest day (should be saturday, but other religion affected christians - i forget the source). stay away crappy work; listening lovely songs from shuffle; reading books (finished part one of chinese version rich dad and the abc murders nearly); & watching people behaviour. all these make my soul relaxed (but not my body). but tonight i still need to waste my energy for job hunting.

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