March 20, 2005

hair cut

today was rather free even at work. no supervisor because of training something like "how to deal with asshole customer" (i may need to learn how to deal with every asshole stuff). just burnt a fan motor for abnormal test. checked it to prevent touching movable parts. and did a temp rise measurement for light chains. and work never ends. few new stuff came but not yet start to kill them. but not doing that may harm everybody. just like one of my partners is doing a portable clothes dryer which has been already chosen by a credit card company as a promotion product!

took an expensive lunch at seiyu. then to causewaybay to find hair stylest to fix my hair. but too busy to care me. i need to walk for 2 hrs on streets. 1st to sogo to have a look for ivan's levi's store. he's care to his business. while chuen as a part time was not in mood. he will start to work again on monday so he wanna take a break on sunday and asked me to replace him. nah to him of course. i did wanna buy some stuff there to win tickets for avril lavigne's court on coming friday. but no one would wanna see with me so i forgot it. then to victoria's park and found not many playing model ships. took another expensive meal at park's kiosk (not so good service to all kind of people). and walked nearby for a few moment before having the hair cut. quite fast and i fell asleep. to citysuper again and buy weak flour for mom. it's put at chinese /asian food instead of baking stuff.

saw some celebrities today, two artists and one writer. 1st is a tvb female artist when i came to sogo. she was having heavy make-up and saying bye to her mom? when i left citysuper i met tao jie. looked like just woke up, he was searching something there (lady - that's me or his family). he's around 5' 10" high. last is an atv female artist at mtr station. she should be going to the party

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