December 17, 2012

Life of Pi

Sorry, I don't have any feeling about the meaning behind the film.

Spoilers below

The worst thing I can spot is the actors' ascent for the protagonist is different. I don't think people change much for the ascent even we can learn for multiple ascent. Do Pi's family have French nationality? And why don't they go to France instead?

Actually Pi is an extreme clever character as shown he can remember the known numbers of pi after decimal points.

Attitude of Pi is right. every religion is a method the god communicates to us. If everyone knows this, there will have much fewer wars, from crusades to war on terror. But his dad was also right, you can only eat vegan if you believe all religions.

I really didn't figure out the cook in the ship is acted by famous Gérard Depardieu. In 70’s, radars were common and early warnings by observatories were available easily, why did the ship still go into that storm?

I thought the zebra was still drugged when it was being attacked. That's why I cannot connect the second story to the first one. How could Pi get the stuff to build the raft & move all stuff to it when Richard Parker was in the lifeboat? Richard Parker should have a connection long before. It did not kill him when he brought a meat to it.

The floating island looks like a woman, the acidic lake at night is which part of the island? I think the knowledge, not just the religion saved Pi to make him leave the island.

That is normal for Richard Parker to leave him when they finally arrived the coast. Don’t look back when there is future ahead, otherwise you will lose the chance forward. But of course that’s grief to separate especially since we are emotional.

August 26, 2012

lego city #4431 ambulance


  1. look gorgeous; much better than #6666
  2. sewage well is printed!!!
  3. torso of paramedic is beautiful
  4. many places to access the inside of car
  5. interior is much better
  6. best of the great vehicles in my mind


  1. stickers!!!!
  2. sticker for star of life is smaller than #6666
  3. helmet is not stylish
  4. why is the patient is a man?
  5. hedges are too big
  6. no back window
  7. too much lighting at the back but not front
  8. wheels of stretcher cannot be risen

August 19, 2012

lego city #4201 loader and tipper

  1. many new parts
  2. 2 vehicles covering different functions
  3. gold colour
  4. design simple & brilliant
  5. most value packed among five sets sold in this wave
  1. stickers
  2. too many plastic bags & books
  3. no doors for tipper
  4. a bit too simple for mining

August 06, 2012

way to the end

i would like to complete my view on the remaining last eight episodes of [h]ouse but some are too boring. even worse is there were no emmys nominations no matter how hard hugh laurie & robert sean leonard performed. i give up anyway to make my memory sticking on good stuff.

the farewell is attractive. nearly every important characters have come back & my favourite should be post mortem.

people don't change!

P.S. Who will kill thirteen when her huntington worsens? last time house agreed to kill her but now house has hidden away for last moment of his best friend.

April 14, 2012

road before last eight

chase: he just blamed everyone for making him stabbed in last episode. but he forgot that's his decision to treat in that way to get himself hurt. his clinic session picked this episode's patient, a postulant. and he then slept with her & then made operation on her.  it's funny too see actions between house & taub. taub got trained to prevent being attacked & house tried to prove that's coward. another episode is without wilson.

man of the house: haha finally administration checked house's so called "marriage". wilson & park tried to help but eventually failed. luckily his "wife" saved their asses. except taub, all team members were stupid to fight for the team leader post. if you don't wannabe getting angry easily, simply follow the patient, kick the crotch.

love is blind: house's mom is cool. her lover is also cool. wilson is also cool. birthmark cannot prove anything, how house can be so stupid. i also like park getting drugged. everybody lies even still loving you. please don't think there is no cheating when you want some private space.

February 12, 2012

nobody's fault

patient: the diagnosis patient originally had should be shown in the show more than once
chase: stupid when he knew patient becomes aggressive after injected steroid
cofield: hypocritical. patient's wife changed the game
foreman: more to be house. wanna getaway from trouble by using his mentor as hearing judge. but he brought the patient to the team
house: he's still true. but is his method right? steroid made his team dangerous

does anyone find there's no wilson?

February 04, 2012


patient: even she's 19, she's still too old to be under 18. she still meets the view the creator thinks, people don't change
b story: another funny story with differential analysis. why to use real bullets in re-simulation?
adams: win house (shooting) & lose (studying people's mind)
wilson: he's right on house to protect patient & on taub to connect the kids by making common ground
taub: work hard to be a dad
foreman: another strange guy, formal outside but silly inside. wants an affair with other's wife in private only?
chase: so damned true about "men love commitment-free sex"
park: just only losing $100 on silly game

last episode was everybody lies, this one is people don't change. to remind us the backbone of the show

January 29, 2012

better half

patient & family:

  • did her wife cheat?
  • the "boyfriend" story is a bit too short.
  • actually he should be dead after going out into freezing temperature
  • the sickness is a bit simple

house & team:

  • house knows portuguese? house's wish finally comes truth. winning wilson for n times & taken off the monitor
  • chase is so dark, wish to see him more in his episodes later
  • no matter what i think park is poor
  • foreman finally cracks post-cuddy behaviour after the card game? welcome back to the team

patient b & wilson:

  • asexual only priests & buddhist monks can do. all others are illness. that's what his wife shows
  • wilson subconsciously asked house to handle patient b as he doesn't trust that too. but his moral behaviour cannot resolve them out & find house to solve. that US$100 is worth to pay.

January 23, 2012


so far we still don't know whether this season will be the last...

twenty vicodin: i like this episode to start this season. that introduced how house lives after crash into cuddy's house. no friends visited him, but he is as smart as always. how he handles twenty vicodin is cool. i even don't know the gang leader is 24's mike. first member of his new team appears who i think she is prettier than jennifer morrison or olivia wilde.

transplant: lung made thing worse. i don't know why there can be a story on a lung for lung transplant. either use it or waste it should be known long before the transplant. it is strange to let it stay in the midway with no fluid surrounding it. and also how house can practice directly back from prison? bring in another team member. new one is as odd as house but i like masters a bit more. it's funny wilson cannot live without house.

charity case: celebrity's episode with prison break lead actor and last appearance of thirteen. house needs money to rebuild the office & his team so to choose this good guy. thirteen is back for guilty and a nice move to leave her guilty free.

risky business: another fund raising case for house. fixed park's mind so to concentrate to work on his team and further understand adams' background. finally house used a bit trick to get enough money to run the whole team and get the office back from disturbing noise by cutting off plaster.

the confession: new series theme with new full team. omg taub is in trouble with two babies from different moms. are both daughters from him? so strange chase didn't need to work for an year. still everybody lies and it does so well! funny to see how house makes the wall between his office & wilson's office removable.

parents: why do people lie? there's a good reason for the case. but the kid is poor for whole life. know why adams behaviour is a bit different from those are wealthy. taub finally fixes his stuff did in last season. wilson is cheated by house & foreman! but conditional release can allow them to go to another town?

dead & buried: i like this story as it focuses on two cases instead of one making the story not so dull. but how can foreman be so rude to house while cheated with house last time? would this the final quote of cuddy until she's back for one more time?

perils of paranoia: can park be with chase? or adams with chase? is that girl the first after foreman with thirteen?  but foreman will be in trouble both in his personal & work if he is still with that girl. another funny house wilson game.

btw good to see the cool clinic cases back

January 15, 2012

lego kingdoms #7189 mill village raid


  1. new animals
  2. another set not purely for military
  3. no sticker
  1. windmill design is too weak. the base can rotate?
  2. barn cannot hold the horse and the car together...
  3. box is too small to hold even half completed stuff inside
some pix taken

January 01, 2012

torchwood miracle day

  1. jack took back the device stolen by his former lover angelo from torchwood institute, but there is no further development in this series?
  2. is phicorp collapsed?
  3. can doctor explain the blessing?
  4. does jack has blood type? so rex does not reject?
  5. rex leads another torchwood?
  6. what is plan b?
btw how come langham place relocated to shanghai?