January 23, 2012


so far we still don't know whether this season will be the last...

twenty vicodin: i like this episode to start this season. that introduced how house lives after crash into cuddy's house. no friends visited him, but he is as smart as always. how he handles twenty vicodin is cool. i even don't know the gang leader is 24's mike. first member of his new team appears who i think she is prettier than jennifer morrison or olivia wilde.

transplant: lung made thing worse. i don't know why there can be a story on a lung for lung transplant. either use it or waste it should be known long before the transplant. it is strange to let it stay in the midway with no fluid surrounding it. and also how house can practice directly back from prison? bring in another team member. new one is as odd as house but i like masters a bit more. it's funny wilson cannot live without house.

charity case: celebrity's episode with prison break lead actor and last appearance of thirteen. house needs money to rebuild the office & his team so to choose this good guy. thirteen is back for guilty and a nice move to leave her guilty free.

risky business: another fund raising case for house. fixed park's mind so to concentrate to work on his team and further understand adams' background. finally house used a bit trick to get enough money to run the whole team and get the office back from disturbing noise by cutting off plaster.

the confession: new series theme with new full team. omg taub is in trouble with two babies from different moms. are both daughters from him? so strange chase didn't need to work for an year. still everybody lies and it does so well! funny to see how house makes the wall between his office & wilson's office removable.

parents: why do people lie? there's a good reason for the case. but the kid is poor for whole life. know why adams behaviour is a bit different from those are wealthy. taub finally fixes his stuff did in last season. wilson is cheated by house & foreman! but conditional release can allow them to go to another town?

dead & buried: i like this story as it focuses on two cases instead of one making the story not so dull. but how can foreman be so rude to house while cheated with house last time? would this the final quote of cuddy until she's back for one more time?

perils of paranoia: can park be with chase? or adams with chase? is that girl the first after foreman with thirteen?  but foreman will be in trouble both in his personal & work if he is still with that girl. another funny house wilson game.

btw good to see the cool clinic cases back

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