May 27, 2007


pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl: the story is a bit too long to describe background so that the movie is a bit hard to understand. and i think disney only uses chow yun-fat for chinese market.

btw how can the kid being killed at the start have dental braces? that's not matching with the story time.

sims becomes a movie! omg, that's just the truman show only. i don't think this's a pretty good idea.


season 6 is over (hk just played episode 5).

nonsense things:
  • how come a couple to find a room for an affair when jack is in the embassy?
  • jack's mental stat changed too fast...
  • script for this vice president is a bit weak


  • no more ctu? so how about chloe & morris, karen & bill? will their end be same as tony & michelle?
  • who will be the president? palmer or daniels?
  • so will cheng get away easier than jack?

beta of google analytics

i'm using it (you've got tracked) but don't use all the functions it provides.

and it's renewing and i'm using the beta one.

but obviously they will say goodbye to another stats tool, measure map. the stuff of measure map is integrated into the newanalytics now.

how about feedburner? the deal is done and it also contents stats tool...

May 20, 2007

latest music attraction

that must be the song by manic street peachers featuring nina persson of cardigans, your love alone is not enough. wonderful chemistry they made. it rocks!

but still the same, when to have itunes music store here so that i can buy and put it into my ipod?


  1. dilbert book in downtown pageone. but i still read it online.
  2. 400th Simpsons Goes 24. anyone can send me the clip, or give me a feed, or put it on youtube?

return of blogs

  1. 迷失中環
  2. 港燦再生

May 13, 2007

no more CTU?

in the us, miko is dead already (not yet in hk). and in the interview said there will be no CTU in future seasons. so,
  1. next season where the scene is?
  2. which bureau will handle anti-terroist actions?
  3. how about bill & chole (especially chole, the long term teammate for jack)?

May 05, 2007

You're cursed, Jack

everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead

2 things about flickr

  1. today is 24 hours of flickr, do some photographing & be shown in the book for médecins sans frontières (maybe take a shot of lemon tea is a great idea)
  2. its uploadr for windows updated to support flickr's related vista.