December 15, 2008

joy to the world

this was the last new episode before holidays. so it is normal to have holiday themes inside the story.

spoiler below

actually the main line is quite sad at all. one of the few patients cannot be cured even though she didn't suffer much from her symptoms. and also she showed how kids are being affected by drugs, alcohol, and teenage pregnancy nowadays. but the baby which was expected to die is still alive. and cuddy can fulfil her wish with that baby finally. and it seems house enjoys when seeing cuddy happy.

what a good lie house made to cover the cheating between the lovers. it just makes a joke to christians but it really fits the holiday theme.

there are a lot of footages on thirteen in these few episodes, showing the attitude change on herself. and this is a very shock to start a relationship. can she change foreman from same as house  (this is why foreman was fired outside and stays in the team again) to less like one?