July 28, 2004


the german guy told me how to pronounce my name in german...

he showed his dvd of diving in phillipines in april after lunch break... he said he will try dive deeper in september

still have many places to improve...

July 25, 2004


yesterday bbq in a bbq park at tuen mun. started from around 7pm to 12am and caught the last bus to town centre

then back to tsuen wan and sang karaoke overnight. drunk some alcohol and i were sleepy due to work. slept there around 3 until 6 when there is closed. next time i will not play overnight... tough for me

July 24, 2004

sucker: K F Tsang

yesterday he came to the company to help setting the new facilities. '02 graduate and i agreed he is a real sucker! he made me a farther way to get 2nd up. we told the summer trainee not to choose his course

July 22, 2004

opening ceremony

opening ceremony for my floor stuff today
group chairman sucks, only spoke rubbish when he faced the reporter on the issue on pal pearl delta region. his name card is also cheap when our german guy showed it with others he got today
because of the ceremony, my work is delayed and need to have ot more! damn it

July 18, 2004

3 stuff in this weekend

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it's crapped. a little mistake on connection of usb front pane made the south bridge of my asus p4pe burnt out... and i broke my mouse too
i need to buy both of them but i don't have much money...
2nd: dinner on friday
for boris' trip, and birthday of 7c and man wai
3rd: dinner on saturday
reunion of the guys of 1.1 (back to the time of adcs)

July 10, 2004

paid dinner

paid dinner for steve with carmen at mongkok. got some news for everyone

bought a USB-IR device but need to do something on my computer before using it

begin to think how much i need to save each month. steve said a thing which i very agree. only 2x years for working, earning is impossible for the whole life without good planning. i paid for transportation, lunch, magazines (milk & e-zone), study debt (said in rich mad, around 1.15 times of  debt), family, and swimming. around 1k left for each month, and i only buy fictions, investment, and management occasionally. besides maybe buy some legos. i need to keep 50-60k for a year living. others will use for investment...

July 08, 2004

new staff in my division & chat with the german

1st new staff in my division after i came in. she's a typist because of the centralization of computer systems (so slow to do it). all girls in my company are not... and i move back to ground floor after a week of going up because of painting on the ground

talk a bit with german of my company using english. talked something about dtm. he seems like motorsport as he knows f1 will race in shanghai this sept and i told him dtm will race there this month... and more about housing. he said renting a house at his home country. the kitchen and the bathroom is not counted on the house size. buying a house just only counts around half of the size... he said hk's developers...

July 04, 2004

spider-man 2

movie not bad (at least i'm not sleeping even i'm so tired). kristen durst is... compare her look in er

p.s. saw a old friend (don't ask me who) and his look is much older than his age, even older than his elder sister... take care of your health

July 02, 2004

handover anniversary

yesterday is the 7th year after hk returning to china from uk. still very hot. morning and early afternoon, i played aa with some clanmates. dinner time met some friends in tsuen wan and chatted together. i really wanna know a bit of cheap ball's new girlfriend. hahaha... how about tonywest's? sheep will be a sales engineer from next mon working in kwun tong. and fat fong found out coby passing us with her boyfriend but i didn't know

today met the german with his wife. (the guy for vde joint venture) he is nice but is english is not easy to listen... sometimes i think if i work beyond hk that's may be good.