September 29, 2004

new shoes

nike air alpha force ii le

September 28, 2004

mid-autumn festival

work until 3:2xpm but i don't have any mood to work whole day.

then back to cityu to "blow water". danny and steve had a match on their t-shirts. carmen was so lovely... to mongkok to help carmen to sell her broken phone and look for shoes... :)

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September 26, 2004


sunday is a day of rest

morning woke up to go swimming... probably last outdoor swimming in this year. water is become colder and colder. where should i go swimming in winter? ymca or shing mun valley?
weather is dry and warm with sunshine but it's not last long. i wanna buy a hat when i saw it in muji shatin. but the price...
took brunch in kwai fong and then went back home to fix my computer which is nearly done.
then went to find the chinese doctor because of little sick. and requested service for computer from my mom's friend (sister of doctor) on day after the festival.
after the visit, headed straight to tsim sha tsui to buy books, and checked whether any sport shoes suitable for me. finally bought two books and the favourite shoes have my size but i didn't buy yet... hard to find a affordable and few people restaurant nearby...
jamie's new book is already out here (earlier than uk, usa and canada). find a cd chain store selling with different price in different area...

September 24, 2004

September 23, 2004

few things

  1. congregation is firmed on Nov 12, i will get the dress on Oct 17. find me to take photos after that day
  2. there will be 2 more n00bs coming next month.
  3. met a classmate of west jimmy which followed prof luk to do fyp at lunch time. he works at cct right now

September 22, 2004

something nice from west ball

> 一個人一生中最早受到的教育來自家庭,來自母親對孩子的早期教育。>> 美國一位著名心理學家為了研究母親對人一生的影響,在全美選出50位成功人士,他們> 都在各自的行業中獲得了卓越的成就,同時又選出50位有犯罪記錄的人,分別去信給他> 們,請他們談談母親對他們的影響。>> 有兩封回信給他的印象最深。 一封來自白宮一位著名人士,一封來自監獄一位服刑的> 犯人。 他們談的都是同一件事:小時候母親給他們分蘋果。>> 有位來自監獄的犯人在信中這樣寫道:小時候,有一天媽媽拿來幾個蘋果,紅紅綠綠,> 大小各不同。 我一眼就看見中間的一個又紅又大,十分喜歡,非常想要。 這時,媽媽> 把蘋果放在桌上,問我和弟弟:你們想要哪個? 我剛想說想要最大最紅的一個,這時> 弟弟搶先說出我想說的話。>> 媽媽聽了,瞪了他一眼,責備他說:好孩子要學會把好東西讓給別人,不能總想著自> 己。於是,我靈機一動,改口說:“媽媽,我想要那個最小的,最大的留給弟弟吧。”> 媽媽聽了,非常高興,在我的臉上親了一下,並把那個又紅又大的蘋果獎勵給我。我> 得到了我想要的東西,從此,我學會了說謊。 以後,我又學會了打架、偷、搶,為了> 得到想要得到的東西,我不擇手段。直到現在,我被送進監獄。>> 某位來自白宮的著名大士是這樣寫的:小時候,有一天媽媽拿來幾個蘋果,紅紅綠綠,> 大小各一同。 我和弟弟們都爭著要大的,媽媽把那個最大最紅的蘋果舉在手中,對我> 們說:"這個蘋果最大最紅最好吃.誰都想要得到它。 很好,現在,讓我們來作個比> 賽,我把門前的草坪分成三塊,你們三人一人一塊,負責修剪好,誰幹得最快最好,誰> 就有權得到它!” 我們三人比賽除草,結果,我贏得了那個最大的蘋果。>> 我非常感謝母親,她讓我明白一個最簡單也最重要的道理:要想得到最好的,就必須努> 力。 她一直都是這樣教育我們,也是這樣做的。 在我們家裡,你想要什麼好東西都要> 通過比賽來贏得,這很公平,你想要什麼、想要多少,就必須為此付出多少努力和代價> !>> 推動搖籃的手,就是推動世界的手。 母親是孩子的第一任教師,你可以教他說第一句> 慌言,也可以教他做一個誠實的、永遠努力爭第一的人。>> 如果你是孩子,請把這個故事講給媽媽;如果你是媽媽.....

btw. i've applied google adsense to get some money (i wish lol). may add some codes here later. u can then search thru my site and i can get paid...

September 19, 2004

lazy day

play the game
watch friends, QE, and ER

and nothing else

September 17, 2004

bugs world

1st is a cockroach walking the ground without any afraid of people
2nd is a fly laying worms on a plug just freshing opened...

September 15, 2004

September 14, 2004

long day

tired because of working long time last nite (after 9pm) & fixing computer (after 12 midnight)

talk about the pro-probation: very little chance of salary increasing, what i will be gonna do

September 12, 2004

dicky's birthday

another night not at home. becoming poor. need to start to the plan to become rich dad

high pot at mongkok. nice environment but service & food were just normal. watching the final episode of a cantonese drama there... same poor ending with other drama... cannot watch the final of friends and the episode of QE...

the sims 2 can be found on web

September 11, 2004

florence's birthday

after work, i went to take my glasses. the shop claims there is no more stock for my color. so they fixed using another color. but i don't mind . it's a special edition now.

then went to tseung kwan o to meet guys to clean water bay for florence's birthday. stupid to join there because only way to go to tseung kwan o is to take taxi and the fare is $60...

others came from kowloon tong with some food... for bbq. then we played at the beach like swimming (1st time to swim in sea after i learn how to swim), playing near the coast. sorry to hear carmen's phone out of order as it dropped on water when changing clothes.

after playing, we started to have bbq...

back home about 12 midnight and installed back windows xp

last days with a senior

money wasted, and more tasks for me

2 expensive lunch, one taking japanese in fo tan, and another taking american in shatin new town plaza
1 expensive dinner, taking buffet in royal plaza hotel

his tests are transferred to me but i don't get any right now because he didn't have time to teach me much...

wasted lots of money because of small problem

damned electricity.

made my transformer, motherboard, and keyboard dead...

wasted money to buy surge protection socket outlets, new transformer, new motherboard, and new keyboard... over $1000...

September 05, 2004

another day of computer

swimming around 10:45am, very damned hot, only got there for around half hour...

then joined mom and her friend for the brunch at delifrance. then went to shamsuipo to buy a computer for her friend. finished whole stuff at around 7pm. watched 1st part of friends series finale, then was the 1st QE after the break of olympics. b4 sleep, played aa but big packetloss. cos of network? cos of xp sp2?

day for my graduation should be on Nov 7th and collection of attendance tickets, guest tickets and academic dress should be at 9:30am to 11:30am on Oct 17.

September 04, 2004

ptu graduation ceremony

we went to fan ling ptu training barracks this morning for man wai graduation. good ceremony presentation but mai wai is quite west. saw some rifles and even a dolphin copter... then we sang karaoke in tsuen wan. i went back home while others took dinner outside
west turtle is still jobless. joanne works in standard chartered. fff is gonna work in macau...

September 02, 2004

bad luck

  1. broke the expensive glasses
  2. no free lift, needed to walk down stairs for over 30 floors
  3. took taxi to pick sister to her school, then to kwai fong station for $25
  4. no 47x route bus for 10 min, took 46x
  5. at shing mun tunnel interchange, wait over 10 min but still no 47x bus, just had a bit of luck to get on a 49x bus where i just stood next to the bus driver
  6. another bit of luck to share the taxi fare with a colleague to the office

but in whole, damned...

September 01, 2004

life goes on

  1. even leave late in 1st of month, maybe no free weekends anymore
  2. near the end of probation, will do more household testing for vde, tuv... = more ot. one colleague works until 9:xxpm everyday and does writing stuff to finish a job on 2 weeks!!!