August 29, 2004

dumplings 餃子

have just seen the film with dicky this afternoon in gv mongkok. the film is not the traditional eastern terrible movies like 2 other films in the same series. but it shows the attitude of people right now using a terrible view and also the dirty side of mainland china. i think i don't eat any kind of dumplings for days...
met so many old guys in these few days, from mountain to mr kwan... and saw ivan's in his levi's store and talked some stuff heard.
after watching the film, we were just hanging around. i wanna buy sporting shoes but the one i like are too new. it's just shown on milk... i may buy another for work after salary released and the one i like will be for weekends... but i need to handle money much more carefully.

August 28, 2004


  1. not closing air-con yesterday night
  2. the weight hurt cleaning lady...

August 27, 2004

kf = king of fuck

his company sucks, delay on tuning facilities and damage the absorbers...

yesterday i'm really tired, worked until 9pm...

heard the leave of a senior staff, my bad days are coming, more damned OT. i wish i had a better interview on passing monday. :(

August 23, 2004

Interview @ Central Government House

Post: Contact Technical Officer
Interviewer: 3

actually inside of the house is just like the normal office except a little bit more security procedures. workers were just talking casual stuff when i were waiting to be interviewed

there were 2 parts. 1st is the self introduction using english. then using cantonese to talk about technical stuff. i think i'm not bad after not being interviewed for a period of time. but those technical problems really kick me out of the door (i'm weak and lazy on that)... seems it's not possible to quit the current in a short period.

afternoon i were doing some bank stuff and playing games for today's no pay leave

August 22, 2004

just back from china

we woke up on saturday morning and took breakfast in kwai fong, then we started to go to guangzhou. after being there, first was going to a military hospital to do a small skin operation for my mom.

we went to the elderly house where grandma's living. we were nearly dead!!! why? a damned stupid driver just wanna make a u-turn and nearly hit our taxi by blocking our way. luckily the taxi driver was smart enough but he had a big mouth. we took the dinner with aunt and grandma nearby.

we went to aunt's house in clifford garden to sleep overnight. they are quite many foreigners living there and here is a picture of the undeveloped area of that garden
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we saw the olympic games but unluckily it's too late to watch the table tennis match which hongkong team gets a silver medal! and also finished studying lord edgware dies. i slept around 1 am but not very good. woke up around 9 am and we had the brunch in a restaurant inside the garden. we took the train back to hongkong. the dirty northern stupid chinese sitting next to me nearly took my seat. damn him. and the stupid shenzhen station, it has only one way to leave (the escalator), so damn dangerous. before going home, we had the dinner in a shatin restaurant.

tomorrow i will go to the central government house.

August 19, 2004

so small world

a summer trainee & a colleague's bf knows my mom!

starts to know too much

bought avirl's under my skin

back to mainland for grandma's birthday and come back alone on sunday night, anyone dinner with me that night?

what am i gonna do on monday? related to last diary

August 17, 2004

August 14, 2004

hair cut

had a hair cut with mom and sister together in causeway bay

sister has a new curly hair which makes her look like older than mom from the back

dinner at Xiaonanguo Imperial House, bill is $340 but we agreed the food is much better than outside. a great dish which other people ordered when it came to our table: 素冷麵

August 09, 2004

sam hui concert 2

a bit shorter than 1st
closer seat but reflection of light beams killing me

tough at work because of late work, exploded a heater. damn it

August 07, 2004

day of computer

after work, i went to sham shui po to help dicky to buy the computer. 1st taking the lunch nearby, then after checking the price with peter west, we found out the cheapest and bought it. but we need to pay back the price by the time. installing hardware by company's technicans waited over an hour. because they cut the cost, they rent a cheap house nearby the computer centre for their technicans office. the ventilation is not good and we still waited over half an hour to get our stuff. dicky and i went back his house to install software and i took the dinner at his home. actually installing software waits more time than installing hardware.
but anyway thx dicky for lunch and dinner. and his family is a bit similar to me. the younger brother/sister is quite trouble in these eras...

August 06, 2004

rhumba frappuccino blended coffee

starbucks hk has promoted the new product and i triedd tonight. the taste is even sweeter than mocha and cannot feel a bit of coffee taste. price: hkd$31 for tall, $33 for grande

August 05, 2004

inside story (link is the version of newspaper)

a 3G company interviewed the "team" but... ther stuff is far from the production stage (mainly the size).
i heard in earlier this year. the supervisor of the team leader asked the leader to find a job after finishing the research study. but in the newspaper, he said he will continue to research. i don't know any update of it...
the leader knows a lot of "packging" his results and maybe he learnt from his family background.

August 04, 2004

several stuff 2

  1. dinner with head and all mates at hung wah. not much things there are good.
    the german guy always waits for me when queuing the minibus... queer
  2. (updates)
    music: king of convenience's misread... so many wannna buy
    games: america's army with clanmates, doom 3 is leaked!!!
    magazine: milk, e-zone
    and sleeping; hanging out in the street; drink, singing, or eating with secondary friends
  3. not much hard disk space for my computer...

August 03, 2004

several stuff

  1. leg hurt cannot be recovered like fordo?
  2. cheap sheep just asked the stupidest question i ever heard, "when u register in the U to accept the offer of the course are there many ppl in the University?" why not...
  3. still tuned in tvb pearl more: 24, ER, the Apprentice, Friends, Queer eye for the Straight Guy... so many nbc programs?
  4. got 2nd salary, more than half borrowed to mom to pay rent... my dad seems a bit addicted to gambling... can leave a bit earlier from work in these few days but more duties, no more easy days. deptartment head is gonna leave the company next week. tommorrow will have the dinner for him...
  5. books: agatha christie's poirot series, giuliani's leadership
    music: corrs' BH, avril lavigne
    sports and games: swimming, america's army, cash flow,...