June 30, 2004

interviews today

very hot today. i swore a lot

morning was the pccw interview. 5 people interviewed me, one from training, one from hr, and the others from different departments. i think i suck, no chance to get the offer. everyone are asked with their ability of putonghua but not me. i said too much technical but which should be not good. my introduction in english was poor. replys to hr was also bad.

then went back to school's clinic to get the sick leave proof. but the damned doctor didn't give me saying that my body temperature is not high enough!!! waste $13 on her. shit.

lunch with steve and carmen in an italian restaurant in festival walk. steve said somethings about school including tvb news, future projects, and stuff about professors. thx him for the lunch

after that, another interview at kowloon bay, new world pcs. very fast interview but seems to have a 2nd one because she has asked me any more interview in this period which is a sign of further interviewing / giving an offer

finally got a sick leave proof using $150...

June 29, 2004


1st salary is out

better than none

June 28, 2004

interview on wed

morning pccw, afternoon nwt, need to take a sick leave (i hope that's only sick leave for this company before i left there)

should go back to school for lunch on that day

June 26, 2004

1st meeting of secondary school's alumni pre-assoication

wing, joanne, jimmy, 7c, and me have come back the secondary school today afternoon to have the meeting. there were over 2x people to join. 1st was the principal to have a speech. then we talked some functions which alumni, the assoication, and the school should do.

next meeting will be on 16/8 (sat) afternoon, and will be talking about the formation stuff. welcome every alumni to come back that day. and check school's site for details

June 25, 2004

contract, interview, & honor

finally signed the contract of the job. it seems no hope to get higher salary as the contract has written down the amount

new world mobile sent a sms to me to ask me to have an interview on tues. besides cascade/pccw left a voice message for the interviewing. i haven't replied yet. i should apply sick leave or vacation leave?

the honor of my bachelor degree has out. as expected, second low

June 22, 2004

macau again

company around 7:20, went to hk-macau ferry pier directly but all tickets before 10pm were sold out. so we (7c, tonywest, and me) took dinner before taking the ship. after an hour trip, we 1st went to the latest casino, "sands", owned by venetian. it is much bigger than casino lisboa and it's las vegas style, show, free drink. we played $600 and lost all... :)

then went to hotel to join other mates. that hotel should be a hostel (5 floors) and it is next to the one i stayed in last x'mas. we booked 3 double rooms for 10 people. :( those couples slept 1st and boys watched england vs croatia. gj rooney. slept at 5:xxam and waked up around 10am

1st went to temple at south. but the weather is too hot for us, so we separated into 2 groups. 1 for "sands" and another to taipa. i went to taipa with ball, hong, and dicky (anymore? but i forgot)... we found a place next to the shore and naive portguese house which is windy and relaxing. then back to city centre and joined back other guys, we bought some stuff and took the ship back

the west thing is forget to that electronic hand-held fan. too hot...

June 18, 2004

day 3 + pccw written test

learnt some new stuff about testing and watched some standards
must boring is pulling the cord and pressing auto-return for over 1000 times, but still have over 10000 times waiting me

left around 5:4x, took a taxi with over $100 fare to kwun tong to do the written test. saw 2 ee and 1 cs schoolmates. as predicted by ryan, i think the paper should be nearly the same as him. 3 long questions are: 1. shopting new tech 2. project management 3. how the company can accept the change of industry

June 17, 2004

2nd day

mainly working on sockets. from dimension, markings, to current leakage. for current leakage, why don't they use a machine to do that but by human hands?

seems to need over 5 years experenice to get promoted to one level...

got phone from pccw to have a written test

June 16, 2004

1st day

orientation for 2 hours, people are not bad but my office cannot receive mobile signal. and then just broke down the desk lamp, inserted thermal couples, finally reassemble it... worked from 9 am - 7:1x pm. 2 men working with me in a new place, but one of them owning high diploma and studying bachelor is still working same as my post for 4 years. he may be waiting to get promoted after getting the bachelor but how about me?

tomorrow need to test short-circuit of socket/plug, but very boring task

pccw phoned me to have a test on the graduate trainee post, but i haven't replied it yet. what should i do?

June 15, 2004

an offer by HKBN

but i rejected since the offer by the first offer makes life easier (need not work outdoors or under typhoons) even the salary is higher...

June 14, 2004

2nd interview @ HKBN

i wait over 45 min until the head of the team to meet me...
basically he just asked me very few details and should give me an offer

salary is over my suggestion but need to shift overnight, work anywhere, a bit dangerous. and every half a year has a test to know how much you understand the company for bonus... need ccnp to get promoted and it's not easy to get promoted as not much supervisors left.

got a job offer

post: technical officer - electrical division
position: fo tan
salary: 7000
OT: 45/hr
working days: mon - fri & sat shift
working hrs: 9-5:30/ 3-11, 9-1 for sat
starting date: 16/6
probation: 3 months

June 12, 2004

sam hui's concert again

tickets are selling for his 2nd round performance and my mom woke me up @ 6am to buy for watching again

this time fewer are sold because of bookings of boc credit cards. so cheapest tickets are out very early and we bought dearer ones

forgotten to drop down @ d-day

ronald reagan dead.

d-day 60th anniversary hooah soldiers

today also was tonywest birthday. we had dinner at pizza hut and we gave him a wallet

June 11, 2004

1st post here

old stuff has copyed or you can check them there

i joined a clan (PG needed) for america's army

corrs' new album is much better than last one

ball has come back and...

June 09, 2004

sam hui's concert & interview @ JOS

watched concert with dad & mom yesterday. over 3 & 1/2 hrs singing most of his pops. very good. i think i'm oldie.

post: system support
the job is found with the help of girlfriend of my father's apprentice. however the post does not suit me, it needs mcse... maybe good for 蕭佬

hk broadband asked me to have 2nd interview next monday...

June 04, 2004

Interview @ CMA Testing & Cert. Lab.

post: Technical Officer - Electrical Division
people interviewing: 3 (separate)
time used: 1 hr 30 min ~ used whole morning period

1st one is hr, asked in details, from school life to other interviews, like what have been learnt during school period, difference between school and real world, how bad for previously interviews, if having other offers...

then should be the supervisor of lab (same surname with me), asking me describle to standard in chinese, circuit stuff (series rlc circuit), antenna stuff...

last one is working emc, asked me antenna stuff, asking which professors teaching me...

but still need to wait result... and salary is not good... 7500 after probation (others must be over)

June 03, 2004

Interview @ HK Broadband

Post: Field Technician

many went there to apply this post, i may be the one with highest academic qualifications. to except filling normal stuff, needed to do mc questions about tcp/ip and cisco router stuff. all forgot after exam, thx hk education system

waited a long time to get interview. and he thought me not co-operative and not really fulfill the requirement... anyway will know result in 2 weeks

tommorrow another interview, test lab under chinese manu. associat. of hk

America's Army 2.1

new version is out and there are some views on it

  1. needs more resources than 2.0, i need to lower my setting (my hardware is p4
    2.4B, 512 ram, gf4ti 4200 64mb)
  2. Character 'Ragdoll' Physics is pretty good, much more realistic
  3. ic: no more 203 spawn, good!!! no of nades reduces to 1, may need more
  4. sf hospital: lag & more resources needed. no nade there gives more space
    for both sides
  5. sf arctic: simple & owning latest stuff: m136at4, if vss, and stryker.
    stryker is cool but need to beware. one shoot from stryker to teammate is enough
    to kick u to prison... & stryker is not strong at all... worrying troops
    using it in iraq
  6. lastly, sf village, got lost, only find 1 of 3 caches... even following
    {nato}chowyun-fat. but it's good for cqb. but no official servers?

June 02, 2004

last grade for my studies

fyp b
digital b
wan a-
passive rf c+

gpa = 3

just listen to the radio, the song singing "you can go your own way..."

June 01, 2004

interview @ school

company is kwonnie, making home application. the interviewer used to make military stuff in america: northern bell, lockheed... 1st he talked about me, (heard from another that he thought i cannot tell the objective of my fyp but i really work not nothing but a dream to publish paper...). then he talked with me many about military, sr-71, rah-66... the time is around an hour, much longer than prediction time: 15 min. the job needs me to go back mainland to stay... 1st year just to learn the work flow...

i just got 2 more mds from joanne... needa listen again

PS. just got corrs' latest album and bought a new cell phone (old one crapped)