June 03, 2004

America's Army 2.1

new version is out and there are some views on it

  1. needs more resources than 2.0, i need to lower my setting (my hardware is p4
    2.4B, 512 ram, gf4ti 4200 64mb)
  2. Character 'Ragdoll' Physics is pretty good, much more realistic
  3. ic: no more 203 spawn, good!!! no of nades reduces to 1, may need more
  4. sf hospital: lag & more resources needed. no nade there gives more space
    for both sides
  5. sf arctic: simple & owning latest stuff: m136at4, if vss, and stryker.
    stryker is cool but need to beware. one shoot from stryker to teammate is enough
    to kick u to prison... & stryker is not strong at all... worrying troops
    using it in iraq
  6. lastly, sf village, got lost, only find 1 of 3 caches... even following
    {nato}chowyun-fat. but it's good for cqb. but no official servers?

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