July 19, 2014

lego city #60015 coast guard plane

  • the boat is in details. especially the engine of the boat & the plane. also the roof of boat
  • the boat can float
  • lego fishes
  • the printed brick as plane control
  • too many one piece items especially for the plane. there is no door on the plane to let pilot go in & out. only one piece item i like is the boat hull
  • stickers are devils when they cannot make the expected painting of the plane
  • scale of the plane is a bit abnormal
  • too much internal structure for the plane such that no more space besides driving seat
pix are uploaded to flickr.

May 04, 2014

the amazing spider-man 2


i love the concept of using hidden underground terminal at waldorf astoria new york as the lab of spider-man's father.

jamie foxx did a job to be a psychic

death of gwen stacy closed to original story & isreasonable

style of harry osborn likes kazuhiko hanawa in chibi maruko-chan

quality of the film is better than those marvel titles produced by 20th century fox 

March 29, 2014

the wolf of wall street

  • cannot recognize matthew mcconaughey as the boss
  • dicaprio is too old to be a fresh joiner. but very suitable for later life
  • just fxxking crazy!

February 02, 2014

the secret life of walter mitty

spoiler below

some said this one can be compared with forrest gump, but i think that is over praised.

background is interesting by mentioning the last period of print edition of life magazine. the storyline is also ok but the details are a bit loose. i'm sorry that in my mind ben stiller does not really suit to act the character.

and how can the daydream make mitty safe to aboard the copter? how come the daydreams didn't make him crash with anything like car until riding the bicycle in iceland? or how come the daydreams didn't make fall from station platform or roof/window of building? but his daydream did make him miss his mom's word on meeting with his favourite photojournalist.

another myth is his cellphone is with so long battery life. and a normal person may not have that strength to first go to greenland, then iceland. after that he takes another trip to afghanistan. anyway he is lucky to find the negative before the last print issue is out.

no matter what the film asks people not to stick into their daydreams and do something real. that's what i need sometimes.