April 16, 2008

another interview

this time, i didn't go back to cityu, but to polyu.

today obviously was not a good day for interview, it's very hot! temperature outside was over 30oC and that in the interview room was not low so i kept sweating in front of interviewers. coming few days will be much cooler.

there were two interviewers which i think both should be staff of facility. they asked similar general questions as what cityu interviewer asked but two things i think they kick me out from the list. one is have you ever taken any financial program before internally or externally? another is whether you need to use the analysis to report to outside policy? btw i saw other interviewees are older than me and they wore more formal. besides my interview seems to be very short, only 10 minutes. so their favorites should be with little financial background and work in marketing or credit. when to know the result? may 30.

p.s. i'm still young enough agent of model company has an interest in me.

April 10, 2008

tao heung & tai cheong bakery

the annual result annoucement of tao heung said they got some tai cheong shares, the bakery which lord patten loves its egg tart. and tao heung said they can buy the whole tai cheong after three years.

even i have tao heung stocks, i don't like the news at all. sooner or later tai cheong will become another maxim's, saint honore's, etc., nothing special. now tao heung mainly provide general food at this moment and may wanna be become unique by getting tai cheong, but this is quite hard under a big company. so this means the decline of local food, from delicate to mass production which hong kong also lose the soul!

April 06, 2008


  1. really full of fuck
  2. hk people are so different from europe/the states. we don't like watching whole songs sung in the film obviously. seems a bit wasting time
  3. but story is so natural at all. i like the idea and the ending is one of possible choices
  4. guy is not poor at all, but why he uses a broken crapped guitar?
  5. no hk bank will follow the practice at their side. that relationship manager is kinda cool.
  6. i believe hk is better than dublin even the scene is beautiful. how many need to sing on the street?

P.S. how come cinemas in palace ifc are so damn small. only seven rows are in front of screen and the distance is not far which make me dizzy even i like the song style

April 04, 2008

win xp still lives for a part, and...

microsoft allows windows xp home version to stay alive beyond original deadline for ultra low-cost pcs up to "either june 30, 2010, or one year after the general availability of the next version of windows".

that means
  1. vista is too harsh for them
  2. normal software support for xp still stay (not for high-end of course, like directx 10)
  3. target ship date for windows 7 is june 30, 2009
  4. so vista fate should be similar to windows me
but that may upset some enterprises and take a step further to shift to open source side.

a good thing improved in google reader

one of my beloved things by google has amended a function to make it better. that is not instantly mark all articles as read status when you press shortcut keys (shift+a) to behave "mark all as read". this shortcut keys are easily mistaking used like you wanna share an item (shift+s). at that time you would wanna say fuck when you have not few items (some are a bit aged) not read (it happened twice for me!). now there is a pop-up to ask you really wanna mark all items as read. that's cool.

o... only in firefox. btw if you allow to have quick search in firefox, shortcut keys are in mess!

wish list - double sorting
now it only provides single sorting and search for the articles under same feed or all items marked "star" or "shared". what i want is it can provide auto sorting for those articles are marked "star" or under shared under same feed. sometimes i wanna check those articles under same feed and delete some when they are old-dated. but it is not easy when only allows us to show all items in same feed or all articles marked "star" or "shared".