April 04, 2008

a good thing improved in google reader

one of my beloved things by google has amended a function to make it better. that is not instantly mark all articles as read status when you press shortcut keys (shift+a) to behave "mark all as read". this shortcut keys are easily mistaking used like you wanna share an item (shift+s). at that time you would wanna say fuck when you have not few items (some are a bit aged) not read (it happened twice for me!). now there is a pop-up to ask you really wanna mark all items as read. that's cool.

o... only in firefox. btw if you allow to have quick search in firefox, shortcut keys are in mess!

wish list - double sorting
now it only provides single sorting and search for the articles under same feed or all items marked "star" or "shared". what i want is it can provide auto sorting for those articles are marked "star" or under shared under same feed. sometimes i wanna check those articles under same feed and delete some when they are old-dated. but it is not easy when only allows us to show all items in same feed or all articles marked "star" or "shared".

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