April 30, 2005

a week hard to pass thru

first of all i agree my colleagues feeling on me. working too slow. this is one of the reasons making me feel hard to pass thru every week. but i still cannot work too fast. otherwise i must do wrongly...

second is planning. i have a quite brief planning but cannot fulfill. three reasons for that: working too slow; requesting from customer but not told me until quite last minutes (they said they have given me those not hurrying job but always with some sudden requesting); lots of small jobs inserted.

and i'm the only guy to test luminaires (every kind of lamp products). so when luminaire samples came. my workload increased a lot & at the same time i need to do other testing for household products.

so everyday needed to work at least 11.5 hrs.

bad temper. bad skin. bad sleep

April 24, 2005


swam just next to my home. the water is a bit warmer than i thought. not many people swimming because the weather is going worse and it's not hot enough to push people to stay cool. really swam a lot just after half year gap not swimming.

2 good songs:
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson
The Power of Orange Knickers by Tori Amos (feat. Damien Rice)

sad saturday

nearly recovered but there is skin problem affecting me.

i really hate my job. especially working on saturday! 1st is not all need to come back but i am the one coming back most often on every sat. 2nd is workload mostly doubled on sat because many jobs suddenly come out on that day! 3rd is cannot leave exactly 1pm. too much damn stuff are needed to handle.

only thing i need to do is to work just after a year and kick myself out.

cannot find what milk said in citysuper. the sales said it's in causewaybay store. oh shit. so far. need to plan to go there next time. hopefully today i can go swimming.

April 17, 2005

what had done in last week? ot, bleeding, & flu

everyday needs to have over 3 hrs ot. y? spanish asshole sent us many to do inspection. each needed to be finished within 3 days from the time we received the samples. nearly everything could not be done.

this job is dangerous. this week hurt my fingers again and again. medic!!!

since working, my body is weaker and weaker. everytime i can survive the wave in season (from my family - especially from not self-care dad). then 2nd wave kicks my ass (poor air-con in school library, now is from sicking colleagues). and my illness becomes heavier & heavier. fever & fever... tired. don't type now

April 09, 2005

thu dinner with u mates for danny's birthday. victor the unexcepted had come. i was the last to come. why am i so busy? fat told us he got a 2nd-hand rover. so rich he is. those boys gave him some sex movies for gifts while girls bought stuff for his car.

today is a bit hot but still comfortable. i walked from fo tan to shatin and is pretty cool i think. when can i do that everyday (i need not leave late!!!).

April 05, 2005

greg's birthday

just did what the same as before. played in dicky's home...

shatin hmv is gonna shut down on apr 20. how come? but nearby is doing refurishment and maybe the property owner wanna increase the rent and hmv cannot afford. that i should learn more so i can get rich!

pope's gone. what will be the church future? what will be the world future? humans are killing our living place.

April 02, 2005

not good weather to see the liner. Posted by Hello


1st time to sit on a bus borken down on the way on thu morning. after leaving a bus stop, gearbox got wrong and the bus moved in a very slow way even the driver pushed the gas in full. he wanna move the bus the next stop but failed. luckily another bus going to shatin has come so that i didn't become late for work.

going upstairs to work is not easy. it takes me energy. nearly everyday need to drink a can of coffee to work. speed is essential but also decision making for many things. very tired! but did learn some useful

a liner is now at container pier! yes, container pier. with a pix for proof.