November 30, 2008

new way to make things balance

in the old ways for many touring car races, to balance the difference of cars, they just put weights into the winner's car. but when the car differences are being big and drivers abilities are not the same, adding weights didn't work.

so new stuff is done by fia for wtcc. this time, they use the difference between fastest cars in different models and do compensation to slower ones by reducing weights for whole model. so the human factor can be lowered and the minor car difference due to different design styles should be fixed after few races.

i hope this can fix the problem brought this year, seat got very good result after using diesel. and bmw can win back guia race as they say!


what will happen if their king, bhumibol adulyadej, goes to heaven in one day?

  1. what will military do? can their major partner, the states, do something?
  2. seems it's hard to have a civil war if military is still strong enough
  3. secession? there is so big difference between cities & rural areas

safe trip home

the album i think is awesome. i like all the tracks playing altogether. but maybe they are a bit weak when being played individually. actually they are quite dido-style but this time she played more instruments so the feeling is a bit changed. don't believe in love gives a strong start at all.
are they a bit too worry besides financial crisis? globally, there's a deluxe edition with three more songs (one more in itunes - sorry for hkers), four postcards, studio film (same as the one in her site). besides a separate site is made for promotion. locally a poster was given.

gmail themes

many feel high on this. but i don't like even changin' one from one. the classical one is cool coz simple is the best. i still love old style google frontpage instead of igoogle.

24 redemption

reasonable & attractive. classical 24 story & scenes but in different locations

btw will it be shown on tvb?

November 29, 2008

heal thyself

return of mark greene!

story here; snapshots here

just feel happy and take some time to watch it

November 16, 2008

wtcc 2008 macao round 2

as the rules, eighth in last round would be first in this round. So at starting position were james thompson, augusto farfus jr and gabriele tarquini.

for few few laps, the most attractive was those three above attacking the others. but things changed at last three laps but nearly all crashes could not be caught by tv cameras! thompson crashed to walls at lap seven so farfus had got the first.

when everyone thought bmw could win a race in macao again, farfus got crashed (seemed with a slow car in front) and the left front wheel loosened kicked the car behind, driven by first runner up of world champion, gabriele tarquini. finally crossing the flag was second runner up of world champion robert huff, world champion yvan muller, and last year champion andy priaulx.

wtcc 2008 macao round 1

the core of the race is focused on seat's yvan muller and gabriele tarquini. either one can get the world champion today. tarquini was not running well in the qualifying so muller has a larger chance.

this year alain menu was on pole again and passed the flag first again. second was andy priaulx. robert huff wanted to pass him but failed. just few crashes were made and they did not affect the race. and muller got third in the end which is enough to make him the world champion!

November 02, 2008

america's army 2.8.4

two things are introduced, one is every soldier a sensor (es2). there is a training and a map for it. u can learn a bit more how es2 works in training. luckily the map is an ai map, i.e. all online gamers are in attack side and computer is defence side. if defence is also by gamers, es2 should not work. but when whole new design aa3 is available, i don't think es2 will be implemented immediately.

another is the deploy client. setup file size is getting bigger and bigger which makes download servers always overload. previously they also use bt to deliver the file to end users. now a deploy client is made. it also uses p2p technology and can separate delivers part of programs to us. but the performance is far behind from bt (maybe outside states only), even now i cannot complete downloading core files and the client keeps hanging. luckily they face the truth and provide update file from on partners site. there is a lot of work to do on that client before forcing players to use it solely in the coming future.

update (Nov 23): latest deploy client (1.2.4) even sucks. every time i run it, it says memory overflow.