November 02, 2008

america's army 2.8.4

two things are introduced, one is every soldier a sensor (es2). there is a training and a map for it. u can learn a bit more how es2 works in training. luckily the map is an ai map, i.e. all online gamers are in attack side and computer is defence side. if defence is also by gamers, es2 should not work. but when whole new design aa3 is available, i don't think es2 will be implemented immediately.

another is the deploy client. setup file size is getting bigger and bigger which makes download servers always overload. previously they also use bt to deliver the file to end users. now a deploy client is made. it also uses p2p technology and can separate delivers part of programs to us. but the performance is far behind from bt (maybe outside states only), even now i cannot complete downloading core files and the client keeps hanging. luckily they face the truth and provide update file from on partners site. there is a lot of work to do on that client before forcing players to use it solely in the coming future.

update (Nov 23): latest deploy client (1.2.4) even sucks. every time i run it, it says memory overflow.


  1. I have an issue as well. My Deploy Client closes on me if I do not continuously click on it.

  2. so i downloaded the to 2.8.4 update directly instead of using the client.