October 28, 2007


everyone's workin' on this basic, "faster, better, cheaper", motto from former nasa administrator, daniel goldin. but what actually happens is shown the comic strip on oct 26 dilbert. and finally the things are made complicated.

October 27, 2007

eason's moving on stage 1

they gave fluorescent sticks instead of floated sticks which reduce the noise & stay bright in the stadium. but the fluorescent sticks are fragile...

the time for changing clothes is too long and the screens block the upper side of stage...

but he knows how to sing

October 26, 2007

24 s7 trailer

actually it is the logic for tony almeida to be terrorist in again. he could help terrorists in order to save his wife michelle dessler. And now he lost his wife and nearly lost his wife, everything can be done but how about in heart?

October 20, 2007

becoming jane

if not suggested by a friend, i think i don't watch this kind of movie. and this is the first time to watch movies there.

for the film, it is developed on some facts on romance between jane & tom lefroy. the story is not as boring as normal british film we think. but the introduction of tom is a bit too odd/long which makes me think for a moment. anne looks a bit too old to be young jane so her old makup just fits.

October 14, 2007


somethings missing from last two
  1. small venue in first film made tense while large population in second one was impressing. but this one most people are dead and those alive are in small groups making biting activities are in smaller scale

  2. maybe protecting milla, fighting scenes are a bit simple but she's still beauty.

  3. the film is a bit too short

  4. (spoilers) characters from last one are dead, a bit sad...

October 13, 2007

stuck into parallel import us products

one is beyond the sword. it should be the only one on the shelf when 1st round officially import are sold out. drawbacks are it's a bit more expensive and some texts are not shown in my non-english pc but it filled up my addiction.

and now is house soundtrack. finally the only copy was found in central hmv and i paid for it at once. why there is the us version? the original theme music cannot be used outside north america. anyway nice work hmv, bring me a great album.

October 08, 2007

halloween bash 2007 @ hk ocean park

didn't join for few years but luckily this year a friend can get tickets thru her employer.

good: priority pass; little shows outside "ghost house" to relieve queuin' people

not so good: continuously allowin' people to go inside those houses instead of groups... although that's great for park's income, scary is reduced; upgrade works everywhere but only few are matchin' the theme

October 01, 2007

glorious & all the lost souls (update on Oct 7)

got them from hmv last sat after work. as said before, i don't think i need to think about glorious. for the one from james blunt. i think all songs are ok the album is great while i like carry you home most.

so damn bad that house ost is sold out in causeway bay hmv. i will check it out in central one later (out of stock in central & admiralty either...).