April 29, 2007

bug on excel 2007 macro?

below codes (simplified a bit) are ok run in excel 2003 but not in 2007, why?

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Cells(Target.Row, 7) = Cells(Target.Row, 2) * Cells(Target.Row, 4)
End Sub

run-time error -2147417848(80010108) is prompted (Method '_Default' of object '_Range' failed) and closed.

latest favorite

must be mika. so attractive

maybe i'm getting older, i think the style of latest album from avril is a bit too young.

April 28, 2007

April 22, 2007

monster astri

latest report from audit commission shows another proof how good our former chief executive tung is. how come an organization for scientific invention trusting feng shui. based on market economics, this kind of organization should be elimated.

good chance to test your vocab

as said here, google image labeler is set for increasing accuracy for searching photos. but i think it's a chance to test your english vocabulary. if you and your unknown partners know more, it's faster to get a match and another pix is shown. more are shown means your vocabulary is brillant.

warning: adult content may be shown

nice work, house

hugh laurie's house is now rated 3rd in states' tv ratings, just behind original csi & grey's anatomy. nice

April 21, 2007

er + 24 + house

what will it be?

from hq, robert "rocket" romano aka graem bauer (played by paul mccrane) will direct an episode of house. what will be that episode be? mixture of robocop, er, 24 & house?

April 15, 2007

america's army 2.8.1

even some of the latest maps by graduate students from the guildhall at smu are cool, the laggy / packet loss problem arises for most of the maps, especially locating in america, europe. And the problem is much worse than the period optical cables were broken by earthquakes at boxing day last year.

Is the new version making problem, or the latest pb beta function (to solve vista tightened security) making problem?

April 08, 2007

cheung chau

the latest one night trip destination: cheung chau

we queued for over half an hour to have a walk in the cheung po tsai cave. is that the cave used by pirate cheung? i don't think so. it's too damn small, hard to store or stay for a longer time. but the boy renting flashlight is a special. he walked outside the rusted railing and the path is just only a foot wide next to the cliff with slippers only!

the house is really crappy, the worst among the years. small, insecure, dirty toilet, damn a/c. we could not control the temparture, wind speed. and there were water droplets coming out. later on, the machine sounded mad and made us awake. so we needed to turn it off!

shares: flickr, youtube

p.s. cheung po chai = cheung po tsai? which one is correct?

atv rocks

they played the 2nd crossover of csi: miami & csi: new york together. that's great

April 06, 2007

house season 2 promotion trailer

at this afternoon, pearl played a full season 2 promotion trailer of house. from hugh laurie's house, foreman, chase, wilson, carmeron, to hair weaving cuddy, that's so cool.

but i cannot find one on youtube/google video...

update (Apr 29): finally someone put it on youtube!

April 01, 2007

janice's concert & the pursuit of happyness

saturday night watched janice's first concert on her career. a bit short but worthy. she has talent but the equipment used is a bit suck. this is wise for leon to stand back & find more talented people to save fading hk music.

today watched pursuit of happyness. will smith is older and his kid has a talent in acting. actually if i'm chris gradener, i think i cannot face this challenge. so my tears were nearly out of my eyes when he won the internship.

merger of flickr account to yahoo

the merge this time is much better than last. at least i don't need to log in every time. btw don't know what the hell i need to log in every time for blogger after coverting to new blogger with google account.