May 30, 2010


not as bad as people said for the ending. it's reasonable for president taylor to change her mind. any people from administration will show in the movie? how about aaron pierce or ethan?

pillar is not as strong as jack. & his skill to search evidence is not good enough. chloe's way to hide the card is quite simple.

logan cannot be dead so easily!

er’s dr benton is the useless secretary general...

lucky for jack not be killed in order to bring story to movie. so cia & fsb is all around for him. hope kim is safe under chloe’s custody. if tony is set to be in the movie, as he knows about jack, kim is in much danger.

May 22, 2010

the pacific

the miniseries shown in hbo is now over. many people were comparing it with previous one produced by same team, band of brothers (brb). obviously they would be disappointed.

band of brothers focuses on whole of easy company, 506th infantry regiment, 101st airborne division from low to high rank while the pacific aims on three companies of marine corps in pacific theatre with three enlisted corpsmen as the core characters serving in different companies. the front line time is different for two groups. brb only has a timeframe of around an year and at that time germans were falling already after failure of african & russian campaign. but corps fought for nearly three years and their enemy, japs, were becoming stronger and stronger after each battle. so the storyline of the pacific is relatively dull at the beginning and cannot show the big picture of front line. writers already used other methods to make the story hot, from censored screens, to language.

In guadalcanal, japs were just like enemies in electronic games, rushing to death with no means, since they had got the land easily. so what americans could do were just getting enough ammo & rifles to kill them. that’s why john basilone became hero & famous. just thought there would not be good results between corps and girls in melbourne since servicemen didn’t stay forever, but at least one pair can have a happy ending.

cape gloucester was a mess to the corps due to the environment, where they faced more in iwo jima & okinawa, making many with metal problems. so retreatment is a focal point of the episode. in peleliu, they finally faced the well prepared japs while two of main characters finally met each other. you can say that quality of those two episodes can be comparable to that in brb. but in history both cape & peleliu may not be so important for the campaign.

too little front line actions were shown for iwo jima in order to end the line of john basilone, and other two were not fighting there. iwo jima actually is very important for the corps, what people remember the corps action in wwii are mainly due to that battle. they should try to put a bit more on that.

land at okinawa really shows the bad side of japs like terrorists nowadays. using citizens as a weapon, they hurt a lot of troops even making corps friendly fired before japs were eliminated . newbie made the move even harder, they were not smart & tough when compared to those fought before.

why are nowadays veterans discharged easily misbehaving and becoming a threat to others? seems uniforms are no longer as respectful as before. after wwii, servicemen can wear uniforms in the street without any discrimination at all. of course every one thought they are saving the country but not serving for a person only. and life is not so tough that they can have enough time to take recovery from the effect of war. nowadays people just rush and rush, no one can have a rest. soldiers discharged from front line actually need a lot of relieve before back to society.

p.s. richard winters should be worth for medal of honor.

May 09, 2010

the choice

soap opera is cool for this episode.
starts great from thirteen reaction on all patient said we are straight, to chase talks about marriage, then on how taub handles his marriage.
something strange for the male nurse to take away the thing house doesn't accept from taub.
house is still miserable on cuddy btw but wilson kicks him out even wilson tries to find ways to compensate.
next one we can see someone comes back to follow house status.

the clone wars season 2

anakin becomes even darker. some skills used by vader in episode 4 or 5 were shown.
how will ahsoka end her jedi journey? she is not shown in episode 3.
hondo ohnaka is the most attracted pirate/bounty hunter in the series, even more than cad bane; but possibly cad can break the prison again to get aurra sing/boba. and even bounty hunters have a good side.
captain rex is more humanize than expected, that’s why he is not shown in episode 3?
will there be any more development on obi-wan & duchess satine? it’s a bit bored to watch anakin & padme only
just thought tera sinbue would be shown again in season finale to lead ahsoka to search in scummy areas. where is yoda & obi-wan by the way? when mace & anakin are hurt
wish boba escaping from prison, they don’t simply follow the same way as ziro the hutt
how come zillo the beast didn’t have luck to hurt palpatine a bit (to force him to show some sith power)?

May 08, 2010

lego toy story garbage truck getaway

the latest garbage truck specially built for coming toy story is out. compared to other garbage truck by lego solely (like my 7991), it seems toy story’s one is more cool at all (as it’s wider to show the size). but one thing it can be shown in the film only, the way to collect garbage will make both truck & environment polluted. the driver cannot go in or out his driver seat without getting some dirt. omg