December 28, 2004

still busy after x'mas

yesterday nite 1st to kwun tong with dicky and bought a pair of dunk low at factory outlet. then to mongkok to search the restaurant for tonight's dinner. walked a bit to the market and boguht hot pot food and did that at dicky's home with secondary schoolmates
tonight took dinner with university mates. chatted a lot. food was not quite enough. sorry...

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carmen, please take care... and also alan

tomorrow gonna have hard work. when can i leave?

December 25, 2004

fixing computer

still fixing...

no time to write yet...

nearly done now (dec 26 20:00)

but my broadband line not very stable. need to relogin every 10-30 min. need to phone the customer service

(P.S.) forgot to say i just got bonus with salary few days ago. earlier than normal months.

x'mas party

this year i joined a party organised by assoicate degree mates. they booked an upstairs cafe since they knew the owner well. a bit odd to go there after disconnected for around two years. but become better when starting to play winning eleven 8. and happy to play card games. left around 3am.
hope join them more

December 18, 2004


not join colleagues for bbq. (just wanna see how our german did in chinese style bbq)

just gone to fix glasses. how come in bad luck. no one working to break glass but i did. after that thx ivan for the discount of the jeans (for him & me, i cannot tell you what brand and how much discount)

December 16, 2004

bad luck

glasses broken because of work. ($260 to get a new glass) need to buy a cheap one for work

this job makes me bad luck. computer failure and glasses broken twice...

p.s. finally change the mobile service supplier. i can get the calls at home or work clearly now

December 15, 2004

my x'mas stuff

arrived yesterday:
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(P.S.) the seller sold me a pair of badly conditioned legs but he is nice to sell a better one to me. thx. nice italian (got that on x'mas day. :))

there is a lego show. just a brief look... need time to visit whole site

and also the loan of study... (over $2800, just paid before new year)

December 10, 2004

dr peter leung

our company had two accessors today. one of them was dr leung. they were for the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme. he recognized me and talked few words... met him again on next mon and tues.
just bought some stocks (two lots) recommended by famous local stock commentor. very expensive but need to learn this game. otherwise never get enough money only based on salary or interests from banks.

this weekend:
  1. ot on sat (i hate that)
  2. duck race (any news?)
  3. packing up some old stuff in pc & at home (did some)
  4. swimming / treating my leg (leg 1st)
  5. anymore...? (bought 2 agatha's books, organising some stuff, & saw joey yung at harbour terminal)

updated at 5:45pm gmt+8, dec 12

December 06, 2004

grad pix of ball, sheep; bday dinner of silver and b ming

morning to fix my leg. then took some food at kwai fong before joining guys to hku. too west for ball. his camera is broken and used mine and sheep's to take. many people met there (check the title link when you see me online in icq or msn) and took quite a lot of photos (some are even unexpected).
dinner at belcher to celebrate birthday silver and b ming. got a cake from singapore from west ball. after that got some coffee at mongkok. back home around 12:00. tired today and cannot type more now...

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December 04, 2004

this week

legs hurt again, bad stomach (ate too much unhealthy stuff), & tired

began to listen german from our german...

gonna change mobile service provider, & bought 7260 for my sis (she chose it...). so expensive

finished reading three act tragedy