July 29, 2008


my sister got a macbook with student discount. isp only provide a wired router but it's inconvenient for her to get connected. so i bought the subject to home. it is ok to connect on traditional way but neither macbook nor n82 cannot connect in wireless way. i called the hot line and even they cannot help on phone. they asked me to pick it to their site.

i went there this morning. the way to the site is nearly the same to my working place! they checked and found that what i got is an old version from store may not be compatible with macbook or n82. so they exchanged with the latest firmware one to me.

this time all wireless devices can connect to the router but the router cannot connect with isp! the only way is to copy the data when my pc directly connect to isp and fill those data into the router. the guy behind hot line said this is normal. as far as all devices can connect to the internet, this minor thing is not a problem when compared to what mentioned in first two paragraph.

July 25, 2008

hk book fair '08

  1. no book was bought as some of books got from last year are not yet opened. sorry charcoal (ms wong's pix is too small lol).

  2. another reason not getting any book is it is not shown there!

July 20, 2008

emmys '08

my preference from the nomination list:

house must be my choice for all categories with it as an nominee

outstanding reality-competition program: project runway coz it's "fierce"!

outstanding host for a reality or reality - competition program: how come they think of this award, the host didn't show up for long and they use standardized wordings

July 01, 2008


adidas originals again

and this pair is also stan smith!!!
i think this color is a good alternate (clay brown) from traditional grass green.

caramel apple crumble

i can feel only one or two apple crumbles with apple taste even there are many crumbles. caramel catches over. just like the last caramel product.