May 31, 2005


don't listen to the radio anymore in tunnels if not a driver? why?

every 30 sec it will be interrupted by a bi-lingual slogan relating driving safety. killing the mood to listen to the radio

May 22, 2005

brief of my trip - day 1

took singapore airlines on friday morning. lunch with häagen-dazs icecream. cool. arrived around 2. but wasted time to find where to take the shuttle bus and gone to hotel royal around 4. laid down luggages and did a little rest. but too noisy so that left there an hour later. walked thru newton food market to orchard shopping area. gone to a old style arcade. then walked a bit more and went to joint ball at business zone, raffles place by mrt. took some pix at merlion park & esplanade. then took dinner at a chinese restaurant in espalnade. with a special dish not found here, coffee ribs. after that we took a taxi with a talkative driver to night safari. took the tram to have a brief look of the whole zoo. we missed the show! and we went back to hotel.

(sorry for late post. too busy, tired on personal issues, like my poor skin. i cannot go anywhere for the skin condition right now. later will post day 2 and 3 and also how i feel about different things, i.e. airlines, hotels...)

west rail

just the enlarged version of ma on shan rail but with same amount of passengers yet (maybe too earlyto take to yuen long)

May 18, 2005


my boss knew me wanna quit but asked to not quit before getting another... already done that long time but seems not suits me. i need to reconsider

May 16, 2005

back home

details will be posted later. but anyway thx ball for his time to act as a guide for us to tour singapore.


(forgot to thx god to provide a good weather during three days trip, and safe transportation)

May 12, 2005

anything more before leaving hk?

  • my half-supervisor told me his near to blind experience of luminaire. a bit frightened.
  • good to hear one of my favourite radio programs getting extended airtime
  • computer seems to be gonna step into hell
  • dad finally returned my money for his construction fee
  • my watch has lost! (found back.)
  • i hate my skin!!!
  • those exchange rate in exchange shops are vary a lot. not easy to choose a good one to do the exchange.
  • (forgot to type before leave). saw secondary headmaster (who should have his own car) to take mtr to tst. but don't know what he's done for.

May 09, 2005

it's rain time

the big rain finally started from yesterday. the clouds took the sky for over a month with only little drops. they hid the sunshine, made everything grey. finally they're too heavy and need to drop a lot of weight. how long? only heaven knows. when they're gone.

now: thunder only happens when it's raining (dreams from fleetwood mac)

May 07, 2005

1st ride on ma on shan rail

took minibus from work to ma on shan to see another chinese doctor for my skin. after that had a try on ma on shan rail. the rail shows a thing happening in hk: mainlandlization. the station design is a bit chinese (stairs); the direction the rail operates does not follow traditional in uk's ex-colony. the trains are mini of east/west rail, only 4 sections. the interior is just the same. most stations are too close to each other so that the train cannot get full speed before slowing down (especially in ma on shan area). the buildings are too close and the barriers are not high and covered enough. so any mad can show up to the passengers easily! not good to live nearby as the nosuie should make their life hard to live. che kung temple station just likes a tomb. especially when first coming to those preparing for further extensions (5 or 6 sections for a train). time to spend is not long but not convenience to take east rail at tai wai station. but hard to modify furthermore as the tai wai station was still in operate during the construction of the ma on shan rail.

May 02, 2005

does hk have enough culture?

watched two tv programs like 60 min before final of 大長今. one is pearl report talking about english literacy in hk. 2nd is done by ivan's sister about music industry in hk. both telling culture in hk is still far from beyond evemn government wanna build a venue for culture on west kowloon reclamation. but this can only fix the hardware but not people's mind: money and money. not much hope for majority to support more sinoanglo cultural development in a deversity place.