May 07, 2005

1st ride on ma on shan rail

took minibus from work to ma on shan to see another chinese doctor for my skin. after that had a try on ma on shan rail. the rail shows a thing happening in hk: mainlandlization. the station design is a bit chinese (stairs); the direction the rail operates does not follow traditional in uk's ex-colony. the trains are mini of east/west rail, only 4 sections. the interior is just the same. most stations are too close to each other so that the train cannot get full speed before slowing down (especially in ma on shan area). the buildings are too close and the barriers are not high and covered enough. so any mad can show up to the passengers easily! not good to live nearby as the nosuie should make their life hard to live. che kung temple station just likes a tomb. especially when first coming to those preparing for further extensions (5 or 6 sections for a train). time to spend is not long but not convenience to take east rail at tai wai station. but hard to modify furthermore as the tai wai station was still in operate during the construction of the ma on shan rail.

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