May 22, 2005

brief of my trip - day 1

took singapore airlines on friday morning. lunch with häagen-dazs icecream. cool. arrived around 2. but wasted time to find where to take the shuttle bus and gone to hotel royal around 4. laid down luggages and did a little rest. but too noisy so that left there an hour later. walked thru newton food market to orchard shopping area. gone to a old style arcade. then walked a bit more and went to joint ball at business zone, raffles place by mrt. took some pix at merlion park & esplanade. then took dinner at a chinese restaurant in espalnade. with a special dish not found here, coffee ribs. after that we took a taxi with a talkative driver to night safari. took the tram to have a brief look of the whole zoo. we missed the show! and we went back to hotel.

(sorry for late post. too busy, tired on personal issues, like my poor skin. i cannot go anywhere for the skin condition right now. later will post day 2 and 3 and also how i feel about different things, i.e. airlines, hotels...)

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