February 12, 2012

nobody's fault

patient: the diagnosis patient originally had should be shown in the show more than once
chase: stupid when he knew patient becomes aggressive after injected steroid
cofield: hypocritical. patient's wife changed the game
foreman: more to be house. wanna getaway from trouble by using his mentor as hearing judge. but he brought the patient to the team
house: he's still true. but is his method right? steroid made his team dangerous

does anyone find there's no wilson?

February 04, 2012


patient: even she's 19, she's still too old to be under 18. she still meets the view the creator thinks, people don't change
b story: another funny story with differential analysis. why to use real bullets in re-simulation?
adams: win house (shooting) & lose (studying people's mind)
wilson: he's right on house to protect patient & on taub to connect the kids by making common ground
taub: work hard to be a dad
foreman: another strange guy, formal outside but silly inside. wants an affair with other's wife in private only?
chase: so damned true about "men love commitment-free sex"
park: just only losing $100 on silly game

last episode was everybody lies, this one is people don't change. to remind us the backbone of the show