September 30, 2005

泰昌 the egg flogs shop

i've never tasted the food that shop yet. but this shop is in focus because last governer chris patten has recommended this shop (still has contact with that owner), and it was closed by high rent and now reopened.

i found that the owner has lost some weight (good or not?). and the place is shared with a coffee shop while the price of products are much more expensive ($3.5 vs $20). can that part of shop can be supported by those customers who love the egg flogs?

p.s. chris patten may come back in november (to sell his new book?) and will go to that shop to taste the flog again.

communist thief (共匪)

yesterday a tv program (百年中國) on atv talked about the finding of the communist party in china. in '20s, they formed up and grew in a mountian (井岡山).

and the point is mao co-operated with local hill thefts at that mount. the thing is just like a fiction written in ming dynasty (水滸傳). the difference is communists became the ruling power of china because imperial japan was too strong; nationalists were weak because of civil war; while in the fiction those thefts joined the government and were all dead when they are pushed into the front line by central government (sung dynasty was weak but invasion tribes were less danger than japan at that moment). so communists are thefts.

btw, the tv channel is owned by pro-communist businessman and the source of data is from one of the hinese owned newspapers.

Home from the Corrs

it's the fifth studio album from my favourite irish band after "borrowed heaven" from last year. this one is different from the previous ones because this one is singing their favourite irish songs, not their own songs. 12 tracks (some countries release has 13 tracks) include 2 sole music and 2 in celtic.

i love this one better than the last (i put it into the shuffle already) but that's not the best i think (talk on corners should be the best). the song i don't like is old town while other fans love that. it was sung in the "unplugged" album and i don't like the background this time (just like "radio" in "in blue").

something strange is the other albums are published by atlantic records in the us while this one is by warner music uk. and i heard the album not yet sold in the states. what a waste if it's real because quite a lot of irish are living there like the president bill clinton and also the big celebration of st. patrick's day.

can this album be a big hit? those lovin' enya, traditional irish stuff and fans of the corrs is this album target. anymore then needs the magic of st. patrick. but their style changes a lot from every album which is hard to get more fans (seems they don't care).

so where can i get the 13th track legally in hk?

P.S. there seems to be no promotion in hk!

interview @ nixon

another interview was held on thrusday. the office is a bit far from the mtr station and the temperature there was not as cold as other offices, so sweated a lot wearing a suit while filling the form (another detailed) in front of reception while another interviewer were doin' the same thing. then another form was provided to answer some programming stuff (the post requests basic skill) and engineering management (i don't know anything of this in school or previous job!). it took me 30 min to hardly fill up the whole paper (there are some grammatical errors).

after another 10 - 15 min. i got picked up to the meetin' room and a guy just talked and talked with me. finally he thought i may be suitable and give my info to his supervisor to see whether that guy wanna see me in another interview.

left the office and took the tram before going home.

interview @ clipsal

it's an extreme early for me to have an interview (9.30) on wednesday. the office is very near to me however. i used half hr to fill an application form (quite detailed). i was talking with the hr person and she discovered my personality not like to do that type of job (but actually i'm ok for it: documents, qc, & phone reply). then she's a bit reluctant to give me a written test about replying product info to an outsider. it's a bit long time for me to write some so detailed formal stuff.

September 26, 2005

goodbye hk...

... on national day. just gonna go to nearby for two days with friends.

September 23, 2005

September 21, 2005

Hung Hom

yesterday mom was on leave and she went out earlier in the mornin' to visit the doctor and get the home visit permit for my sister. after that i joined her at mong kok and took the bus to hung hom to get the gift from "Win with VISA Sweepstake". It's a pair of mini speakers. the place we got it actually is the office of the service provider.

nearby is whampoa gourmet place, where is a centre of quality foods. we took our lunch at wing lai yuen. food is good without msg but the bill is not in normal range because some styles are quite expensive.

later on we walked a bit at whampoa and went to kwai fong to buy new glasses which located in a office floor. at there they can sell in cheaper value as the rent is cheaper. mom was gonna get her 1st presbyopia glasses and i replace my 2-year0old glasses in next week for a price cheaper than i got the current one with bonus sunglasses.

September 19, 2005

the terminal

the past few years steven spielburg had made a bunch of not so good films, this one should be in that catergory.
  1. too many sponsors: how come united airlines provided direct flight to that small unstable eastern europe country?
  2. i don't know whether poor porduction of local vcd version or used all budget to build that section of airport and paying actors' salary, computer graphic for oustide of the airport at night is so fake.
  3. tom hanks living place doesn't need to fix after so long time? then the management is a bit suck.
  4. there is no need to have the cast of catherine zeta jones. and that's impossible for her saying she looks so young because the conditions should make her older than actual age: dry conditioned air in planes and extra radiation at high level.
  5. how can that magazine tom hank's father keeping used that kind of paper especially in communist countries and in good condition?

but in total the film is better than excepted, at least tom hanks got his role. at least he's is better than another tom, tom cruise. just like in hk i think chow chun fat is better than andy lau (tom cruise looked much younger than andy lau). i will wait for his role in da vinci code.

September 17, 2005

stay away our mainland cars

our mainland vehicle manufacturers wanna sell their goods to worldwide just like our neighbors: japan, south korea, and even malaysia. but chinese cannot do it on their own just like our business. thx german. their adac has checked landwind suv (link) and found how "good" it is among other cars in past 20 years!

they asked to stop sellin' the car! (cool i love it) and i wanna ask them to kick the manufacturer from IAA in frankfurt

September 16, 2005

something done by the company i had worked

yesterday there was an announcement from government and consumer council after the safety test results of electric wall fans which were done by the company i had worked. the results are trustful because i didn't preform any tests for this project.

the reason is i'm not familiar with the revelant standard even i did do some fan tests for manufacturers. but the company cannot afford any errors done for government projects and there are many workmates focusing on home appliances safety standards (supervisor requires everyone to know that standard but not everyone are focusing on it, i'm one of them).

btw, one of the manufacturers got the results in june (as i can remember) and gave us an improved sample to do a part of retests.

Ref: (searched in Google 新聞 香港版)
[2005-09-16] 8款掛牆風扇 高溫易起火

P.S. blog of note at blogger: dashboard gets many updates after google blog search has launched.

September 13, 2005

mystric meter

i don't think sean penn can get the oscar award because of this performance. i don't feel any spectacular stuff in the film except who the killers are. it seems dave's dead is a bit deserved.

September 12, 2005


not watching tv for openin' celebration of hk disneyland and the day of terroists attack. it's quite full. the position for mid-price seats are not very good. the layout of perform is simple. very good performance from them, their musicians, and the younger bro's wife (much better than originals - even good to sing how deep is your love). it's sad to know their son was dead just after born. i think it's much for christainity stuff.

P.S. they don't have much luck on their business. it's a bit pity.

recent favourites

jem - they (lyrics)
very simple song (a bit like big big world). & her video is hot (she's hot on tv too, like the o.c. & grey's anatomy)

james blunt - you're beautiful (lyrics)
special tune to sing. his video is a bit military feel. (his family has a serving history from middle age. he used to serve in kosovo). the lyrics says the thing common in this world.

daniel powter - bad day (lyrics)
attractive song. especially the video. starred with samaire armstrong (the best female teen in the o.c. in 1st season - finally shown in hk after 2 years in the us). when can i leave my bad days?

September 09, 2005

Interview @ Actix

i wasted the chance provided by the agency. 1/2 because of my poor preparation. another is i didn't expect the way he asked.

two people interviewed me. first is engineering director, a brit. another is technical sales manager, a chin.

first they asked about how much i know the company. then about the job (1st mistake i made, i forgot what was written on the job ad). then he talked a lot on the company (used to operate the office in singapore but now in hk) and the job description. after that they asked a lot on what i have done in former company and the projects at the school (i should know they will focus on my java project as this is a software company even the job needs not to write any programs). and also they asked a bit on radio engineering (i also forgot some even studied before getting into their office).

after background stuff, they asked how to handle a client if they cannot go to their portal. ah... i don't have this kind of experience. and finally they asked my mandarin ability (because taiwanese like to speak mandarin more but luckily mainland china is in separate operation region). i can listen but i cannot speak. they asked me whether anything missed but i don't know what they want me to tell...

it's around 30 min and then i found dicky to have lunch.

September 08, 2005

new stuff from apple comp inc.

many things comin' out from apple last night. they include ipod nano with ipod updater (only updated database for nano), quicktime 7 for win, itunes 5, and itunes phone by motorola.

ipod nano: one word, cool! if it had come out earlier, i would buy it instead of shuffle. the only drawback is it needs a cable to connect to the computer. it's now sold in hong kong apple online store (with cases by apple for the first time).

quicktime 7 for win & itunes 5: quicktime 7 finally comes to windows environment. itunes 5 tunes a bit on shuffle and is with parental control. they are bundled into one setup file as usual with chinese traditional interface already (no need to wait taiwan apple to build another chinese version quicktime or itunes!).

itunes phone (rokr): jobs said this is a replacement for shuffle. no way please. it sucks. shuffle is much lighter and simpler. rokr is waited too long time to come out while other competitors have already got the market. and it just introduced the itunes layout but not with the click wheel! i think a better itunes phone should be in v3 layout (good design as well as click wheel) or e680 layout (so it can fight against 02). btw, it will be sold in hk soon as the site said. but itunes is not a magic if here doesn't have the itunes music store! that is an important key to win the other competitors.

(edit on Nov 10, 2005: finally motorola faces the truth rokr sucks and implies itunes into v3, v3i)

September 07, 2005

Interview @ Elan CountryTECH Selection

1st receptionist gave me a cup of water and a form to fill in. the form is in very detail. like how eager to find a job; waht things you are better than other mates... after 20 minutes, the responsible person came. she weighs some stones and jsut asked me just fresh graduate. ah, my spoken english is worse than yesterday. she asked me to lower my salary requirement for the job of system support (contract) of a computer company, but i stand my point. it has 1&1/2 days off after 4 days shift work... i'm a bit hesitated since it's a bit far from what i have learnt. i'm not sure she would give my profile to the employer but she put my data into their database.

September 06, 2005

Interview @ Human Resources Solution Limited

one of the partners and her assistant interviewed me. both of them don't know about radio engineering but her assistant (chemical engineering) asked her friend that i should know some for my graduation (actually i know!). the partner said they normally search for managemental positions but this client (cannot tell me) trusts them.

at first she (japanese) used english (no japanese accent) for the whole conversation. but later she told me she knew cantonese (very good). she said i need to smile which can break the ice. i said my skin problem may affect my hunting but she said this is not a matter and introduced me a chinese medical doctor (but i need to use lipstick).

now i need to search my dusty notes and get back my memory from the deep sea!

P.S. the client is actix (software maker for mobile network monitoring). they said if i can maintain my performance and well prepared (the engineering director will interview me), the chance is not small.

September 04, 2005

gathering with primary classmates

it's few years for me to meet so many of them. some change a lot, while others are still fine. check it.