September 06, 2005

Interview @ Human Resources Solution Limited

one of the partners and her assistant interviewed me. both of them don't know about radio engineering but her assistant (chemical engineering) asked her friend that i should know some for my graduation (actually i know!). the partner said they normally search for managemental positions but this client (cannot tell me) trusts them.

at first she (japanese) used english (no japanese accent) for the whole conversation. but later she told me she knew cantonese (very good). she said i need to smile which can break the ice. i said my skin problem may affect my hunting but she said this is not a matter and introduced me a chinese medical doctor (but i need to use lipstick).

now i need to search my dusty notes and get back my memory from the deep sea!

P.S. the client is actix (software maker for mobile network monitoring). they said if i can maintain my performance and well prepared (the engineering director will interview me), the chance is not small.

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