September 09, 2005

Interview @ Actix

i wasted the chance provided by the agency. 1/2 because of my poor preparation. another is i didn't expect the way he asked.

two people interviewed me. first is engineering director, a brit. another is technical sales manager, a chin.

first they asked about how much i know the company. then about the job (1st mistake i made, i forgot what was written on the job ad). then he talked a lot on the company (used to operate the office in singapore but now in hk) and the job description. after that they asked a lot on what i have done in former company and the projects at the school (i should know they will focus on my java project as this is a software company even the job needs not to write any programs). and also they asked a bit on radio engineering (i also forgot some even studied before getting into their office).

after background stuff, they asked how to handle a client if they cannot go to their portal. ah... i don't have this kind of experience. and finally they asked my mandarin ability (because taiwanese like to speak mandarin more but luckily mainland china is in separate operation region). i can listen but i cannot speak. they asked me whether anything missed but i don't know what they want me to tell...

it's around 30 min and then i found dicky to have lunch.

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