September 30, 2005

interview @ nixon

another interview was held on thrusday. the office is a bit far from the mtr station and the temperature there was not as cold as other offices, so sweated a lot wearing a suit while filling the form (another detailed) in front of reception while another interviewer were doin' the same thing. then another form was provided to answer some programming stuff (the post requests basic skill) and engineering management (i don't know anything of this in school or previous job!). it took me 30 min to hardly fill up the whole paper (there are some grammatical errors).

after another 10 - 15 min. i got picked up to the meetin' room and a guy just talked and talked with me. finally he thought i may be suitable and give my info to his supervisor to see whether that guy wanna see me in another interview.

left the office and took the tram before going home.

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