September 30, 2005

communist thief (共匪)

yesterday a tv program (百年中國) on atv talked about the finding of the communist party in china. in '20s, they formed up and grew in a mountian (井岡山).

and the point is mao co-operated with local hill thefts at that mount. the thing is just like a fiction written in ming dynasty (水滸傳). the difference is communists became the ruling power of china because imperial japan was too strong; nationalists were weak because of civil war; while in the fiction those thefts joined the government and were all dead when they are pushed into the front line by central government (sung dynasty was weak but invasion tribes were less danger than japan at that moment). so communists are thefts.

btw, the tv channel is owned by pro-communist businessman and the source of data is from one of the hinese owned newspapers.

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