September 19, 2005

the terminal

the past few years steven spielburg had made a bunch of not so good films, this one should be in that catergory.
  1. too many sponsors: how come united airlines provided direct flight to that small unstable eastern europe country?
  2. i don't know whether poor porduction of local vcd version or used all budget to build that section of airport and paying actors' salary, computer graphic for oustide of the airport at night is so fake.
  3. tom hanks living place doesn't need to fix after so long time? then the management is a bit suck.
  4. there is no need to have the cast of catherine zeta jones. and that's impossible for her saying she looks so young because the conditions should make her older than actual age: dry conditioned air in planes and extra radiation at high level.
  5. how can that magazine tom hank's father keeping used that kind of paper especially in communist countries and in good condition?

but in total the film is better than excepted, at least tom hanks got his role. at least he's is better than another tom, tom cruise. just like in hk i think chow chun fat is better than andy lau (tom cruise looked much younger than andy lau). i will wait for his role in da vinci code.

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