September 08, 2005

new stuff from apple comp inc.

many things comin' out from apple last night. they include ipod nano with ipod updater (only updated database for nano), quicktime 7 for win, itunes 5, and itunes phone by motorola.

ipod nano: one word, cool! if it had come out earlier, i would buy it instead of shuffle. the only drawback is it needs a cable to connect to the computer. it's now sold in hong kong apple online store (with cases by apple for the first time).

quicktime 7 for win & itunes 5: quicktime 7 finally comes to windows environment. itunes 5 tunes a bit on shuffle and is with parental control. they are bundled into one setup file as usual with chinese traditional interface already (no need to wait taiwan apple to build another chinese version quicktime or itunes!).

itunes phone (rokr): jobs said this is a replacement for shuffle. no way please. it sucks. shuffle is much lighter and simpler. rokr is waited too long time to come out while other competitors have already got the market. and it just introduced the itunes layout but not with the click wheel! i think a better itunes phone should be in v3 layout (good design as well as click wheel) or e680 layout (so it can fight against 02). btw, it will be sold in hk soon as the site said. but itunes is not a magic if here doesn't have the itunes music store! that is an important key to win the other competitors.

(edit on Nov 10, 2005: finally motorola faces the truth rokr sucks and implies itunes into v3, v3i)

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