September 30, 2005

Home from the Corrs

it's the fifth studio album from my favourite irish band after "borrowed heaven" from last year. this one is different from the previous ones because this one is singing their favourite irish songs, not their own songs. 12 tracks (some countries release has 13 tracks) include 2 sole music and 2 in celtic.

i love this one better than the last (i put it into the shuffle already) but that's not the best i think (talk on corners should be the best). the song i don't like is old town while other fans love that. it was sung in the "unplugged" album and i don't like the background this time (just like "radio" in "in blue").

something strange is the other albums are published by atlantic records in the us while this one is by warner music uk. and i heard the album not yet sold in the states. what a waste if it's real because quite a lot of irish are living there like the president bill clinton and also the big celebration of st. patrick's day.

can this album be a big hit? those lovin' enya, traditional irish stuff and fans of the corrs is this album target. anymore then needs the magic of st. patrick. but their style changes a lot from every album which is hard to get more fans (seems they don't care).

so where can i get the 13th track legally in hk?

P.S. there seems to be no promotion in hk!

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