December 21, 2007

cappuccino caramel truffle

it's the new favor served in hk. but i love the solo coffee more. caramel taste is a bit too strong that i don't feel like it's a coffee product. the chewy chocolate truffle however is lovely. that is the selling point of this ice cream i think.

December 18, 2007

no sharp front upper for adidas' stan smith

the latest milk previews new edition of adidas' stan smith will be out. and it said the editors like sharp front upper design. but i don't really like it.

i agree it's quite dull for the series but the design doesn't feel the whole shape. the shoes are much more cute with round front. and most important is much harder for me to buy another stan smith. the one i'm wearin' is near servin' me for nearly two years. but this is hard to find another to suit my foot size (i need one size larger than those available sizes!). with sharp front, at least half/one size more is needed. damn..

December 16, 2007

Televisionista: "House" Christmas Episode in January?

the strike really hurts! need to wait one more month to watch latest house episode. and it is the first one after new fellows are chosen. let's sing x'mas songs in jan then.

December 13, 2007

lego city 7991 garage truck

it's time to complete the remainin' one before end of year. under the same frame, obviously this is done by different designer from concrete mixer. the driving cabin is in less details but components are in fit. a few are in queer (pls click the gallery link below): 1. why the trolley is on the top? 2. no cover for the garage container? 3. something strange in the manual...

link: my 7991 gallery in flickr

December 12, 2007

December 05, 2007


as what i have said after the last race this year. alfa romeo's car is a bit too old to keep competitive in the top race. so now the team running it, n.techology finally gives up and they are going to find another partner to play the game in coming future. but if they wanna fight with manufacturer teams, they cannot choose those putting official teams in the race, i.e. bmw, seat (or audi group), chevrolet (or gm group), or no mercedes (the focus on dtm). So most likely they can find japanese or korean cars. And most active one should be honda, there are some cars running in wtcc under independent teams for past few years (not the one just completed). and they have individual design for europe market (major battle field for the race). anyway, as a fan, what we can do is just enjoying holidays and wait for more news.

December 02, 2007

latest faq for empire: total war

looks like empire will be attractive. it's developed by the same team makin' rome: total war which i think is great one. and all new gaming system is implemented. and that means medieval 2: total war was done by another team. that's why the way the game shows is a bit different from rome.

November 21, 2007

warm coffee for x'mas is back

toffee nut latte from starbucks!

p.s. hk starbucks management pls monitor shops a bit more. cups in cochrane street's shop are not quite lookin' good.

November 18, 2007

wtcc macao round 2

it's so lucky for andy priaulx with some tactics. based on wtcc's regulations, 8th in first round starts at first for second round, so priaulx became first. his major competitor, yvan muller was down in first round. so he just needed to run safely and he could become the champion.

after start, second was james thompson and third was nicola larini. but maybe alfa romeo is not supporting officially, the car is a bit slower and larini crossed him later on. thompson was strong enough to stand third from seat's tiago monteiro.

bmw is lucky and with good tactics. seat is much stronger with diesel engine. chevrolet also has potential with good drivers and good cars (even faster than seat on hills). but will's alfa romeo continue to play in wtcc while others improve a lot?

  1. andy priaulx
  2. yvan muller
  3. james thomspon

wtcc macao round 1

alain menu started on pole but yvan muller got the first after first corner. all top position cars passed most of laps in safe. but in second last lap, yvan muller's car was broken before curva melco. so his seat temmate gabriele tarquini became aggressive and augusto farfus jr got hit when blocking the way. menu was the first to pass the finish line, then tarquini and robert huff...

bmw doesn't have advantage in macao anymore...

who can be champion?

November 17, 2007

工程師的大鐵鎚 » 老一輩既工程師

really wanna know whether any schoolmates meet similar situation?

and whether they will think of their future?

November 11, 2007


thru ipo, i got a lot of shares and i sold that at a relatively cheap price on first date. the market is kinda crazy right now. will i buy it again? the current value is still too high for me even the company is profiting. let me focus on other stocks first.

October 28, 2007


everyone's workin' on this basic, "faster, better, cheaper", motto from former nasa administrator, daniel goldin. but what actually happens is shown the comic strip on oct 26 dilbert. and finally the things are made complicated.

October 27, 2007

eason's moving on stage 1

they gave fluorescent sticks instead of floated sticks which reduce the noise & stay bright in the stadium. but the fluorescent sticks are fragile...

the time for changing clothes is too long and the screens block the upper side of stage...

but he knows how to sing

October 26, 2007

24 s7 trailer

actually it is the logic for tony almeida to be terrorist in again. he could help terrorists in order to save his wife michelle dessler. And now he lost his wife and nearly lost his wife, everything can be done but how about in heart?

October 20, 2007

becoming jane

if not suggested by a friend, i think i don't watch this kind of movie. and this is the first time to watch movies there.

for the film, it is developed on some facts on romance between jane & tom lefroy. the story is not as boring as normal british film we think. but the introduction of tom is a bit too odd/long which makes me think for a moment. anne looks a bit too old to be young jane so her old makup just fits.

October 14, 2007


somethings missing from last two
  1. small venue in first film made tense while large population in second one was impressing. but this one most people are dead and those alive are in small groups making biting activities are in smaller scale

  2. maybe protecting milla, fighting scenes are a bit simple but she's still beauty.

  3. the film is a bit too short

  4. (spoilers) characters from last one are dead, a bit sad...

October 13, 2007

stuck into parallel import us products

one is beyond the sword. it should be the only one on the shelf when 1st round officially import are sold out. drawbacks are it's a bit more expensive and some texts are not shown in my non-english pc but it filled up my addiction.

and now is house soundtrack. finally the only copy was found in central hmv and i paid for it at once. why there is the us version? the original theme music cannot be used outside north america. anyway nice work hmv, bring me a great album.

October 08, 2007

halloween bash 2007 @ hk ocean park

didn't join for few years but luckily this year a friend can get tickets thru her employer.

good: priority pass; little shows outside "ghost house" to relieve queuin' people

not so good: continuously allowin' people to go inside those houses instead of groups... although that's great for park's income, scary is reduced; upgrade works everywhere but only few are matchin' the theme

October 01, 2007

glorious & all the lost souls (update on Oct 7)

got them from hmv last sat after work. as said before, i don't think i need to think about glorious. for the one from james blunt. i think all songs are ok the album is great while i like carry you home most.

so damn bad that house ost is sold out in causeway bay hmv. i will check it out in central one later (out of stock in central & admiralty either...).

September 28, 2007

'07 holiday

finally is the last day for my block leave and time was wasted on...
  1. america's army

  2. civ 4: bts

  3. 唐朝十講 (readin' 平民資本家)

  4. lego 7990 (7991 is not yet built)

  5. taipei

  6. house season 3 & season 4 episode 1


we, four boys & a girl, started our journey on 23rd by takin' cathay's b777-300 near noon (boys only) and used an hour and a bit more to land on taoyuan airport there. nt$200 was used to get visa and another $140 was paid for shuttle bus.

the hotel is just next to sun yat-sen memorial hall (but we didn't go there until the last day). after unloading our luggage, we went to taipei 101 for sightseeing. there was a package during mid-autumn festival so we could go to 91/F (89/F originally) without extra ticket. took few shots there, we went to flagstore of eslite books nearby as one of us needed to buy things there. due to rain, we took our late dinner at shilin night market (the only one with cover) before back to hotel.

second day was away taipei city and went to northeasy side by train. we dropped off at rueitang, then took a taxi to jioufen. there were so many people as that was a public holiday in taiwan (the day before mid-autumn festival). we bought some souvenirs there. later we took a public bus to keelung under "nice" driving skill. we had a look at miaokou night market before we took another train back to taipei. this night we went to ximending for our dinner.

next morning we took metro taipei to have hot spring in beitou. few hours later we went to tamsui which is nearby. but we were a bit late, we didn't have enough time to take a look of hong mao cheng before the lovely sunset down in front of fisherman's wharf. dinner was taken at tan tsai noddle in downtown taipei and we continued to hunt for taipei night markets for rest of night.

the last day was credited to museums. first was chiang kai-shek memorial hall, but interior was under maintenance. so we quickly moved to another spot, national taiwan museum, to get some basic information about ecosystem and taiwanese aborigines. in bad luck that miniatures museum of taiwan was closed after public holidays, so we moved to din tai fung to take our last lunch in taipei. before going to the airport, sun yat-sen memorial hall which is next to our hotel was the last site we visited.

more: flickr gallery

September 22, 2007

new update of zonealarm

finally zonelabs provided a new update for its product. the update was fine compared to the last one. but it shows how trouble the program is. this program controls default output volume of speaker (don't know how the hell is related). before the update, i need to tune the volume every time i log in my windows... and now active virus shield (avs) is down. even aol has given up avs (should be the deal between them & kaspersky is over), zonealarm should not get rid of my avs which still has valid license. now i need to use back avg.

September 19, 2007

don't force me

hey classmate

i know you feel you have wasted time to study master of philosophy and now pursuit your future in another field. we are now your potential clients in order to support you surviving in this field. please don't push us too deep and hold your action a little bit to give some space for us. if you are still working so hard, we will scare you more and we are going to be further and further away. we will find you when we feel unsecured.

take it easy man

September 18, 2007

google reader in chinese

finally one of lovely google apps is in chinese (but it has no choice to choose other languanges yet)! o... it's out of labs!

September 14, 2007

lego city 7990 concrete mixer

finally have time to build it after bringing it to home. in order to bring enough details, it's a bit too long i think (as long as a bus) and much larger than other old one which is same for the current series. maybe using computer design, the position doesn't quite match. many parts are tailor-made, but some are quite brittle if it was left alone. stickers are used instead of painting on bricks which is common in this series but not the old one. but it's a bit long time to have another mixer sold in hong kong, so that many have bought it once it came out just like me.

link: my 7990 gallery in flickr

September 13, 2007

late april fool?

he just wrote an article criticizing about latest actions of government:
transport fare adjustment mechanism (fam), merge of railway, and buy hkex shares

September 09, 2007

windows live suite

the latest one is out and supports traditional chinese finally

windows live messenger 8.5 beta 2: no big difference to 8.1 except it doesn't show personal messages when mouse pointer is on your friend's name

windows live mail beta 2: can read windows live hotmail on desktop (open it when clicking messenger mail button instead of opening ie) again; separate screen for newsgroup, support feeds (but i use google reader!); more options on account settings

windows live writer beta 3: can download it again in hk market (quite good support to blogger) but no spell checking for non en-us interface; design for labels/categories is not as good as blogger web interface

windows live photo gallery beta: fundamental photo organizing; support upload to windows live spaces / msn soapbox; can kill other paid applications for normal users

america's army 2.8.2

an update is out. some updates are cool (like dressing, scoreboard).

2 new maps:

rummage: i like urban assault more. but this one is with auto m4a1 instead of m16a2

sf hospital se: harder than original one. ai are moving which block doors, stairs; and run across line of fire. and you need to prepare chopper before letting vip in.

but i hate every time update installer freezes my computer. and also previous settings are gone.

September 02, 2007

expected new albums (updated)

lookin' for below three:

  1. glorious from natalie imbruglia - i love some of her songs but not enough to buy all albums, so compilation is the choice

  2. all the lost souls from james blunt - as good as first one or...

  3. new album from dido - must buy

  4. one more forgot to mention: ost from house - cool taste

btw, get 9 from latest "simply the best" from local hmv ($99 vs $150)

date fixed

annual leave: sept 12-28
taipei trip: sept 23-26

blogger not work completely well in firefox

the thing is cannot show add page elements! in order to show it, first need to do is clear edits (but no edit was made)

but ie doesn't work much better, cookie got messed and need to login everytime (even other google stuff and toolbar are ok)

August 19, 2007

cartoon movies

  1. ratatouille
    for disney cartoons, i will only watch those from pixar in the future!

  2. simpsons movie
    • yeah, we are idiots to watch the movie. lol
    • how come those craps from homer & pig (even is massive) can make the lake dead?
    • how come homer can feel nothing when his dad is still inside springfield city?
    • how will springfield look like in coming season?
watching localized version is a mess

July 29, 2007

no more free lunch for manhattan id card holders

after standard chartered bought it from chase manhattan bank for few years, they finally take actions to promote the brand. to cover some loss from promoting, they cut some offers for current customers. the most important is annual fee waiver. formally the waiver is for entire life. starting from next year, waiver is only available by fulfilling either one of belows:
  1. retail purchase of HK$12,000.00 or more each year (counting from card issuance date)

  2. retail purchase at least once every month (statement period)
but no amount of annual fee is mentioned in the leaflet included (Aug 6 - HK$216.00 from press release).

some other things that may need to take care:
  1. the responsibility of bank for activation of renewal/replacement of card is reduced

  2. points earned cannot be combined with other manhattan card

  3. maximum interest fee free repayment period is shortened from 60 to 59 days
as offers from other cards are similar to id card provided, and products for points redemption are not attractive to me (mainly local artists performance), that seems like i will cut the card in coming future.

July 28, 2007

fixed: problem of google analytics report in firefox

my problem is: cannot get data from specific keyword in analytics report

in network location, clicking any location like "america online", it can show other details like pages/visit, bounce rate or choosing segment

just go to top of page. extension firebug shows error.

July 24, 2007

so damned clever excel 2007

finally finds out why my vba is ok in excel 2003 but not in 2007. when a field format is set already, and you use vba to set the same format again, excel terminates. but this does not happen in 2003. cool? thx microsoft.

beyond the sword

i've tried the one i expected. new features are so really cool (especially navy part finally fulfills current situation, no more battleship as end of development, and using missles!).

but one drawback is i cannot use these into my old saves in original civ 4 or convert original saves into new one. if this is supported, that's awesome (finally find some tricks to send original saves to bts).

forgot to say is if your pc is not running in english, pls set to english in country settings before initial running main programs or mods for core and bts. otherwise xml cannot be fully converted and some texts cannot be shown.

July 22, 2007

hk book fair '07

  1. very suck arrangement for travelling from hall to another hall
  2. not steady air-conditioning
  3. most booth design not quite good. people got struck. better at pageone (book price has been raised before the fair so only little money is saved), publishers brand name also promoted.
  4. not much computer books
  5. most successful promotion besides books: anobii

four books bought are:
長尾理論的圖像 平民資本家的圖像 44 Scotland Street的圖像 唐朝十講的圖像

temp fix for zonealarm

to fix the crash, don't click the bubble for allowing the program to access internet. rather than clickin' it, open zonealarm and allow that program to access inside. then click deny on that bubble, 80% of problems can be fixed.

but sometimes poppin' bubble also crashes the machine. either you click n-time ctrl-alt-del to shut the program makin' bubble comes out and log out your machine; or reset your machine

recent films

shrek 3 - ok as expected
hooked on you - suck; quite loose storyline

die hard 4 - no one accompanies me


July 21, 2007

zonealarm got crappy again

actually it goes crappy since last version, 7.0.337. it doesn't allow me to update from 7.0.302 to it. but as far as it works, i don't care.

recently another update is out, 7.0.362. and it makes crash when installing. even i backward install 7.0.337, it prompts not enough admin rights. so i checked the official forum and said that's a problem from active virus shield (avs). at last i really remove avs in order to install zonealarm but crash still happens when they both run. maybe i should use 7.0.302 which doesn't crash with avs.

i remember same crappy thing happened few years before and actually was a problem of zonealarm instead of other programs. even zonealarm is one of best firewalls, it's kinda crappy with other programs and the supplier doesn't take care it. using windows default firewall is better then.

July 08, 2007

To the hk guy in Globe Trekker Sweden & Denmark

  1. don't think no body watched it in hk (thx atv)

  2. gals in hk also wear low cuts & short skirts (maybe a bit less hot than those in denmark

  3. how was ur gf/wife who is next to you thinkin'? i feel that first was supportin'. later she was embrassin'

July 01, 2007

maxim's mx

even how they did for rebranding, i still believe they are the weakest among the field.

the menu is not popular, only strange stuff shown; the price is not competitive; not all stores are modernized completely; the food quality is much worse than other two, dry egg, not nice looking fried fish, and not well prepared tomato sauce...

June 30, 2007

latest feature of adsense cannot be found in blogger template

latest entry of adsense blog said new shape is available but i cannot find that yet on blogger template. so when will it be implemented into blogger template?

June 24, 2007

five little pegs

even the book was written in 60 something years before, but the description of elsa greer by cecelia williams still suits today.

"... Miss Greer had had, I presume, a proper education, but she never opened a book and was quite unfamiliar with current literary allusions. Moreover she could not sustain a discussion on any intellectual subject.

She was entirely taken up with her personal appearance, her clothes, and men."

p.s. season two of marple will be shown on atv world from july 4.

ten feet high

as a hardcore fan of the corrs, news for the solo album from andrea corr is attractive to me. even music company works so hard on promoting the album (from myspace to youtube), i think this album may not be as success as those corrs' albums.

the song style is different from working with her siblings, they are a bit sensitive to political. the first single, shame on you, is not the right one to be the single. other songs playing in acoustic in youtube suit more. that was just like waht they did for borrowed heaven (actually i think that also happened in avril's best damn thing). even they are produced by celebrated producer and executive produced by her friend bono, lyrics are too simple, you cannot believe that title is kept on repeating continuously.

it's may be wise for warner music hk that they don't promote the album at this moment.

medieval ii: total war & civ 4 bts

swasted weekends of few months concentrated on medieval ii: total war. but i think this one is not as good as rome: total war and its first expansion. there are two things making it less lovely even patch 1.2 is out already.

turns are too short which the faction is not fully developed to gain enough resources to build massive armies to fight around.

and timurids are too damned strong. same amount of army in western world cannot win the war against same amount of timurids' army. that's why papal states are not lost to them.

the latest expansion pack of civilization 4, beyord the sword, sounds quite promising while comparing to kingdoms, expansion from medieval ii. despite the lead programmer of civ 4, soren johnson, has left firaxis to ea (maxis) for spore, the hand-on previews shown (extracts on civ fanantics' center) show very good response, some even call it civ 5. if it comes out with few bugs, it should be a big hit.

lemon grass = lemon + grass?

p&g hk recently promotes new shampoo for head & shoulders. but from packing they really mix up lemon grass & lemon which are so distinctive even to the kids.

p.s. anyone got that ad online?

June 19, 2007

white notebooks & beta software

recently one of my friends wanna buy a notebook in white, but in the market only few choices can be chosen, like benq, toshiba, fujitsu, and apple. if you don't care about where it was made or what os bundled into the book, macbook is the best for price over performance and design. but obviously my friend is a normal user, she won't choose mac anyway.

but as usual, not all apple products are as cool as you think. like ipod, you may suffer from battery time, poor bass, or not supporting radio directly. and recently apple pushes their own broswer, safari beta, to windows. i think i will never use beta programs on windows again (except boot camp which my friend is using on his macbook). maybe it can only be run on english interface. it's missing stuff. please don't ask it to save and open bookmarks...

on the other hand, those open beta products from windows live are ok. from messenger to writer, they perform normal and can run nearly all functions. and they are kinda stable.

some betas from google are ok, like toolbar for both browsers. those web applications are also cool, like reader (still far from graduation, like more options for starred items, some keyboard shortcuts bug for IE. but better than those desktop ones).

June 03, 2007

microsoft surface

the coolest thing from microsoft recently must be microsoft surface. and i think it suits the environment of hk. it can serve all kind of things, from table, computer and tv. this saves a lot of space with a tiny house in hk! you cannot afford the thing yet, but pretty soon you can see it inside the property companies' sample flat.

google gears = dead of desktop rss readers?

i'm using google reader since it showed up. at that moment, all desktop readers loved taking memory for their own and ran so damned slow.

current one is the second beta version and i quite like it. and the recent upgrade is groundbreaking. a minor one is putting reader trends (specialized google trends) on top left column.

while another should be desktop readers killer, the first application to integrate latest product from google, google gears. just ignore the background of gears, it allows people to read 2,000 items offline. 2000 entries, that need you some time to read and normally your desktop reader needs a lot of time to load. and your don't need to worry when your computer is down, you lose all subscribed feeds.

May 27, 2007


pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl: the story is a bit too long to describe background so that the movie is a bit hard to understand. and i think disney only uses chow yun-fat for chinese market.

btw how can the kid being killed at the start have dental braces? that's not matching with the story time.

sims becomes a movie! omg, that's just the truman show only. i don't think this's a pretty good idea.


season 6 is over (hk just played episode 5).

nonsense things:
  • how come a couple to find a room for an affair when jack is in the embassy?
  • jack's mental stat changed too fast...
  • script for this vice president is a bit weak


  • no more ctu? so how about chloe & morris, karen & bill? will their end be same as tony & michelle?
  • who will be the president? palmer or daniels?
  • so will cheng get away easier than jack?

beta of google analytics

i'm using it (you've got tracked) but don't use all the functions it provides.

and it's renewing and i'm using the beta one.

but obviously they will say goodbye to another stats tool, measure map. the stuff of measure map is integrated into the newanalytics now.

how about feedburner? the deal is done and it also contents stats tool...

May 20, 2007

latest music attraction

that must be the song by manic street peachers featuring nina persson of cardigans, your love alone is not enough. wonderful chemistry they made. it rocks!

but still the same, when to have itunes music store here so that i can buy and put it into my ipod?


  1. dilbert book in downtown pageone. but i still read it online.
  2. 400th Simpsons Goes 24. anyone can send me the clip, or give me a feed, or put it on youtube?

return of blogs

  1. 迷失中環
  2. 港燦再生

May 13, 2007

no more CTU?

in the us, miko is dead already (not yet in hk). and in the interview said there will be no CTU in future seasons. so,
  1. next season where the scene is?
  2. which bureau will handle anti-terroist actions?
  3. how about bill & chole (especially chole, the long term teammate for jack)?

May 05, 2007

You're cursed, Jack

everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead

2 things about flickr

  1. today is 24 hours of flickr, do some photographing & be shown in the book for médecins sans frontières (maybe take a shot of lemon tea is a great idea)
  2. its uploadr for windows updated to support flickr's related vista.

April 29, 2007

bug on excel 2007 macro?

below codes (simplified a bit) are ok run in excel 2003 but not in 2007, why?

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Cells(Target.Row, 7) = Cells(Target.Row, 2) * Cells(Target.Row, 4)
End Sub

run-time error -2147417848(80010108) is prompted (Method '_Default' of object '_Range' failed) and closed.

latest favorite

must be mika. so attractive

maybe i'm getting older, i think the style of latest album from avril is a bit too young.

April 28, 2007

April 22, 2007

monster astri

latest report from audit commission shows another proof how good our former chief executive tung is. how come an organization for scientific invention trusting feng shui. based on market economics, this kind of organization should be elimated.

good chance to test your vocab

as said here, google image labeler is set for increasing accuracy for searching photos. but i think it's a chance to test your english vocabulary. if you and your unknown partners know more, it's faster to get a match and another pix is shown. more are shown means your vocabulary is brillant.

warning: adult content may be shown

nice work, house

hugh laurie's house is now rated 3rd in states' tv ratings, just behind original csi & grey's anatomy. nice

April 21, 2007

er + 24 + house

what will it be?

from hq, robert "rocket" romano aka graem bauer (played by paul mccrane) will direct an episode of house. what will be that episode be? mixture of robocop, er, 24 & house?

April 15, 2007

america's army 2.8.1

even some of the latest maps by graduate students from the guildhall at smu are cool, the laggy / packet loss problem arises for most of the maps, especially locating in america, europe. And the problem is much worse than the period optical cables were broken by earthquakes at boxing day last year.

Is the new version making problem, or the latest pb beta function (to solve vista tightened security) making problem?

April 08, 2007

cheung chau

the latest one night trip destination: cheung chau

we queued for over half an hour to have a walk in the cheung po tsai cave. is that the cave used by pirate cheung? i don't think so. it's too damn small, hard to store or stay for a longer time. but the boy renting flashlight is a special. he walked outside the rusted railing and the path is just only a foot wide next to the cliff with slippers only!

the house is really crappy, the worst among the years. small, insecure, dirty toilet, damn a/c. we could not control the temparture, wind speed. and there were water droplets coming out. later on, the machine sounded mad and made us awake. so we needed to turn it off!

shares: flickr, youtube

p.s. cheung po chai = cheung po tsai? which one is correct?

atv rocks

they played the 2nd crossover of csi: miami & csi: new york together. that's great

April 06, 2007

house season 2 promotion trailer

at this afternoon, pearl played a full season 2 promotion trailer of house. from hugh laurie's house, foreman, chase, wilson, carmeron, to hair weaving cuddy, that's so cool.

but i cannot find one on youtube/google video...

update (Apr 29): finally someone put it on youtube!

April 01, 2007

janice's concert & the pursuit of happyness

saturday night watched janice's first concert on her career. a bit short but worthy. she has talent but the equipment used is a bit suck. this is wise for leon to stand back & find more talented people to save fading hk music.

today watched pursuit of happyness. will smith is older and his kid has a talent in acting. actually if i'm chris gradener, i think i cannot face this challenge. so my tears were nearly out of my eyes when he won the internship.

merger of flickr account to yahoo

the merge this time is much better than last. at least i don't need to log in every time. btw don't know what the hell i need to log in every time for blogger after coverting to new blogger with google account.

March 25, 2007

retreating from battlefield

1st hard week had gone. the body is exhausted after increasing workload, annual dinner at the middle of the week, and catchup what missed after training.

and this weekend was for gathering with friends. had a bbq on saturday with university schoolmates. it's a bit long time to meet so many friends. it's nice to see every body's in good shape.

really wanna hope easter come faster & stay longer. secondary schoolmates are organising a short trip but it's not sure to have enough people to go. but 1st we watched 300. something is different from what i think. a bit of time is used to build the background so a bit bored when comparing with the war scene. but what makes me feel many including me miss a bit of duty, andscarify.

March 06, 2007

red packets

this year income from red packets is not bad (btw thx new couple).

here are some packets designs i like:

icbc (asia) red packet from icbc (asia)

dbs red packet from dbs

hsbc red packet from hsbc

red packet from unknown

March 05, 2007

be inspired

is another sales from hmv hk. i got one with very nice price, it's o from damien rice. just around 2/3 from original price for '04 edition. cool.

February 23, 2007

night at the museum

another film from ben stiller and with other famous celebrities. this one is ok for holidays but not as good as meet the fockers. that one really makes me laugh.

search with translation in google

seems that google added the auto translation for simplified & traditional chinese search results.

see this:

and also english translation!

February 15, 2007

book & red packet

although i start loving reading books since my university, i don't expect someone i know will be a author. a high school senior is becoming a author (of course there are other celebrities from the school) and got a preface from famous author. what in my memory was he just stood like a Queen's Guard when he was the head librarian. anyway library is still stuck to his life.

first red packet was received before chinese new year from the company. the company just reported with the best annual result it ever has, but the amount in the red packet is only... better than few years before i heard from colleagues but seems too few as a big company.

February 04, 2007

life in the middle

obviously my body and my mental wish are making me stay away of city life. basically i can live healthier in countryside in the country like new zealand, ireland, denmark or even japan. staying in a nice house, working in a field, working books in front of field, seaside, or even a roadside, taking a dog to walkaround, and making own meal is kinda wonderful thing.

or i can be a priest or a monk and lived in monastery to learn to inspire how the real person should behave.

and i'm too naive compared to normal city guys. it's hard to live with them.

but this kind of thing cannot be happened in forsee years! living in city too long, i even cannot sleep in too silent place. i cannot live without friends. and there is too much temptation to make me stick inside a city.

the most important is money. i need to work harder to get financial freedom and buy a house at my dream place.

the world is so small

the latest entry of dilbert is so damn funny. lol

January 31, 2007

good & bad for flickr

good thing is microsoft found flickr users to provide few desktop wallpapers for vista. anything m$ can save some buds to get wallpapers from other sources (but not corbis, bill gates started it)

bad is all old accounts will need to merge to yahoo accounts before mar 15. i've also done this once and reversed because i hate to log in every 24 hours! now this is forced to do...

flickr is so far i see the best for all of yahoo services. maybe it's time for microsoft to buy yahoo. (after allowing yahoo id used in messenger & finding flickr members for desktops)

January 25, 2007

my best friend's wedding

some nice guy put it on youtube. cool

p.s. one of classmate couples married last sat. a bit unexpected as they didn't contact us often in these few years. anyway god bless them as loyal christians

January 21, 2007

happy birthday the movie


24 & iPhone?

24 is now on fox again (tvb pearl will show on April 25 from unconfirmed source) and first four hours have already made many viewers excited.

this season ctu has replaced their dell displays into apple cinema displays. is there any chance to further using apple products in the series? like bauer using iphone? (o... is year 2012)

but the timeframe setted is after n years (few presidents have been replaced but in real world is still bush). so iphone used by bauer should be n generations later. and can power of apple portable products support 24 hours continously operations...

anyway someone did this in flickr

January 18, 2007

crappy undersea cables

kinda bad news that the cables crapped by earthquake nearby taiwan just after x'mas cannot be fixed until mid of next month... so how can i play america's army smoothly?

January 06, 2007

wed is kinda important

  1. i will start job rotation starting from that day for coming two months. will know the products much deeper from different angles.
  2. apple will deliver new products in macworld, maybe new ipod/iphone, new software, or upgraded mac mini (any chance for core 2 duo?) / mac pro (quad core?)... if new product line is out from ipod/iphone, i need to think to have one since my shuffle is gonna pass its peak. (hk time)
  3. it's last microsoft's patch tuesday before windows vista & office 2007 selling to general public officially (hk time)
p.s. 2nd book from that series also sucks. obviously the author wants to have more money for marriage!

google talk update

how about chinese version update?

January 04, 2007

measure map

seems like google does not give up measure map yet even analytics is their core. check "I like big charts and I cannot lie", at least reader is using tech from measure map. but will there be a chance to allow new user to join measure map again?