October 20, 2008



the patient is a from a canton family. outline of the face of the actress fit the story which her origin is from southern china. but she's a bit too mature to be 25-year old.

illness of cantonese = sars... thx chinese communist party

house might be having better observation skills than the private investigator he hired. he knew his father is not biological. and he knew why wilson was so mad so he can find a chance to start the friendship.

October 12, 2008

under the radar

the last one brought the star to the front by one song, bad day. this one shows a more synchronous one which nearly all songs are good. the style is united but it is a bit hard to find a song to have another big bang like bad day (of course the video of bad day helped a lot too). so can he get a good result under the radar?

October 07, 2008


even keira knightley fits the role to be the duchess, maybe a rounder girl is better. spencers are good to have babies, but it's a bit hard to make us agree by keira's body shape. i think the movie even better than becoming jane. btw both lovers of duchess & jane were famous when they were becoming important figures in uk politics. and both film ending is similar.


the script can describe the atmosphere at the period of time: women were still weaker than men. especially duke was powerful in the administration. she was too young and lack of information to  be a duchess. the duke treated her as a machine to produce heirs and had affairs outside instead. she's also stupid to allow another woman living together to attract his husband. but who knew her childhood friend would become an earl (so famous as a type of tea - earl grey tea )

i believe we are lucky and there are more poor ones still having the same way nowadays.

house season 5

so far the storyline is still cool. i don't know how come it lost emmys

5-03 seems to be the start of core of season 5. even wilson & carmenon was not shown up, content of other characters are building. idea of the private investigator is cool. house is an investigator actually, but the pi shows house is not strong enough.

the only thing not yet fitting to the preview of this season is showing more chase & carmenon. they are barely seen as same as season four... but the season just starts

hk disneyland

finally visited there three years after grand opening. i think this disneyland quite fits hk situation.

it's small enough to allow us to take a weekend travel which mainly hkers can be able to afford. it's close to downtown and well connected with public transport.

ghost houses for halloween are better than those in ocean park. we went there at daytime and our pupil size cannot be adjusted fast enough. so the road in front is much darker and it's much harder to expect where "ghosts" are waiting. people are not crowded that we don't meet people in front or after.

space mountain and buzz lightyear are also cool. playing space mountain in daytime during halloween is the best at all.