December 26, 2010

lego city 3177 small car

this year i had bought many new sets but this is the one i would build as i can put it back into the box without disassembling it.


the design is based on smart fortwo. For course it is impossible for holding two minifigs into the lego car. And maybe the limitation of lego bricks, the real world one looks cooler. btw i don’t like the hairstyle of the minifig.

slick tyres only...

How come they only provide slick tyres? it’s not a mini countryman wrc

too tight to sit inside...

minifig is not feeling comfort inside. he needs to raise hands, sit straight without back support or otherwise hit the top.

3177 vs 6633

finally is a pix of 3177 and 6633, showing generation of lego for around 30 years nearly. of course the new one is smooth on surface and designed on consideration of aerodynamics.