August 31, 2005

Interview @ Ansen Electronics Co

too late i left home so i needed to pay the minimum taxi fare to the building where company occupied. but miss hr forgot me after giving me the form and made me wait over an hour. the interviewer was also busy on meetings.

but the reall stuff is i'm not prepared. i forgot all stuff learnt in cityu when he asked. i even forgot what products they are making which i should study thru the web. and he figured me not really like the field when i changed my assocaite to bachelor from computer to electronic. and he also showed me that i don't even find my way to build up my career. engineering (r&d, testing...), project handling (the job i applied), sales and customer service...

time is wasted on me

August 30, 2005

Interview @ Manson Engineering Industrial Limited

it's extermely near to my home. the hk office i think is small such as there is no receptionist and the doors are wooden. without the luminaires, anyone will think it as a warehouse.

two people interviewed me, one is the director (i don't know at that time). the things they asked are related to what i did for my old job! what did you do? what kind of products did you test? how to test? how much did you test? how did you define which part to be tested with which part of standard? what material can withstand glow-wire test?... a question they asked are interesting. any seminar set up by your old company to tell their customers about the changes of the new standards? oh, none.

after that they talked about their products range, whether willing to travel to mainland for their factory, R&D, and seminar... then they talked about they can pay my requested salary, the 1st year is in contract base. there should be 13th month salary (without a break for their company history) but not written in b&w... need to work 5 & 1/2 days a week while there's a one free weekend in each month. need to work from 8:15/8:45 to 5:15 to 5:45.

finally they asked me to wait for their call.

i went back home and changed my clothes and joined mom and her workmates to have buffets at the spice market. obviously i'm the dull guy of the day.

tommorrow i'm gonna go to another company to have an interview.

P.S. muji silvercord is gonna shut down after sept 9th.

August 28, 2005

east kowloon

i was lazy at home and i heard a lego exhibition in town now. so i went today. but first is to help my sister to borrow a book from neaby public library because her card was lost. in addition, i changed the address record which i should be done two years ago. then i stepped into the mtr to tseung kwan o for the exhibition.

around an hour, i reached the site and what i wanna say is shit. it's so damned small. but i soon forgive it as the lego hk limited wasted their resources on rentin' the place in comic exhibition (i don't think that is a good place to promote lego). and only the interested party built their own stuff to show their passion (i think i have a bit of passion!). the shoppin' mall the exhibition situated is small and not with many people there. many locals were goin' to a better one which was my next stop.

apm is the latest big mall in hk. i rushed in after few months the shops were doin' their business. the atmosphere is a bit better than langham place and also target on teens parents use money to compensate their lack of care. what i only got is a very good condition book (2001 uk edition) there.

P.S. check my flickr for today stuff

August 26, 2005

new book from "fat pan"

just continue to read our last governor's book after putting it in the bookcase for few years and checked amazon to get the link. found out that his new book is gonnabe pubished.

btw, we should call him the Lord Patten of Barnes now!

comment on "Flickr and Yahoo! IDs, redux" from flickr blog

"... For example, we will have a payment system that won't require you to use PayPal..."

i don't pay flickr to get a pro account but i think patpal is cool, the most common one yet.

"Q: OMG, it is really annoying to have to log in to Yahoo over and over many times a day just to get my Flickr fix! [This is not a question.] Uh ... isn't it annoying?!!?"

that's what i hate!

"A: Yes, it really, truly is. It's enough to drive one batty. And it's a bug. And a fix will be out soon. It's taken a while, but for security reasons we couldn't do the quick fix here. Just be patient for one more week :)

Or, you know, if you merged your and your Yahoo! ID and it is driving you crazy, then we'll unmerge your account. All you have to do is write to us (read the announcement from last week for details). You'll still have to re-merge it later, but by then things will be muuuuuch smoother."

"Q: OK, fine. New users can use Yahoo! IDs, but I don't have one and don't want one — why should I have to merge?
A: You don't for now. Some time in 2006 you will... "

i cannot wait so i unmerge. but still have to re-merge? let's see in 2006

August 22, 2005

follow your heart

my psychological mind is a bit worse after quitting the job. this book saves me a lot now. but i still need to check it regularly to fine tune my mind.

August 21, 2005

unmerge flickr account from yahoo account

just make a mistake to merge my flcikr account into yahoo account. it's very trouble that i need to log in everytime (not several hours later!). just asked them to unmerge.

anyone wanna unmerge just go to here (hurry up, only available for a short period) (update: it works!)

although flickr's still in beta, this merge i think is in alpha stage only

2nd runner up of miss hk

is from my secondary school and should be one grade higher than me. but i don't recognize her. i remember a sentence about girls in school, no pretty here. but now two girls are famous coming from my school (another is an anchor).

to be famous from my school:
  1. female
  2. only two words in the name

August 20, 2005

why hk is losing

thx the chinese communists.

how could this happen in civilizated world with no regrets? thats' why hk is losing due to the bad habits of the ruling class. that's why people still remember the best in colonial ages. that's why makes hk difference from other chinese societies (except singapore).

ATM password

everytime we need to type the password before doin' any operation. but do you know when the password is checked?

before operation? no. i found it this mornin'. i should type the wrong password but still allowed me to choose the operation. after choosing, the screen suddenly showed the password was wrong. instantaenously, i thought the machine was hacked and i withdrew the card immediately.

back to home, i phoned the credit card customer service (i made i can access my saving account by the card) and the service said the password is not checked at first! o...

P.S. i found i cannot change my card password on atm but i forgot to ask the customer service.

August 17, 2005



August 16, 2005

a place for our retired bus

check the link and you can see google korea just followed our charity to use the bus as a computer facility.

August 14, 2005

food expo

as usual, food expo is a discount food shopping mall and tasting area for public. we went to there after a gap of few years(?). very crowded and my family bought quite much stuff. a express post office was opened but no one was usin'. met two people i know there

a one-day trip to guangzhou

yesterday woke up at 6am (only slept 5 hours). took breakfast near mtr station. then got on a bus to shatin to join aunt to go to mainland. why? took a lunch with grandma. it's not lucky to tell why to take lunch together as aunt said. standed on the ground of shenzhen at around 9am. finding there changed a lot because of the start of subway there. quickly bought tickets and got on the train. on the trip, my aunt told us how terrible the thefts are and she's so afraid that she wanna sell her house near guangzhou.

only one midway stop, we arrived guangzhou just more that an hour. we told the taxis to go to the elderly house where grandma's livin'. taxis? first one we wanna take was driven by a foreign province who didn't know the address. second one knew the way but used the wrong way! petrol is limited in mainland because oil companies cannot raise prices without the approval of the government. so when there were news sayin' petorl is in town, lots of drivers are just queueing outside the gas stations. but the bad habits of chinese flow out again here. the queue blocked the road and no police there. so there is a jam on two ways traffic! yes, not one way. the drivers just crossed the double line to another way to pass thru the jam. if the other way has no cars, that's fine. but the world is not easy for you. so we were in the jam and no one stopped cars coming. finally we walked away from the trap and found another taxi to the destination.

grandma's health is continuously decaying and she cannot walk too far from the home. we took a lunch at the nearby restaurant. it shared the name as a hk brand named restaurant but they should have no relationship. their chef sucks as usual. each time the steamed fish is still fresh when it comes to our table and we need to blame them again.

after the meal, we took the taxi to the station and bought the tickets to shenzhen. this time the train is a bit cool. it's the first mainland-built high speed train, blue arrow. simialr to the trip eariler, it stops at a midway station in the journey. finally the time we arrived at shatin was around 4pm.

(luckily the recover feature of blogger saved this post!)

August 11, 2005

sony finally shows their steps

why do they stop developing pda? but not mp3 players or mobile phones yet?

their PSP now provides the functions of pda, & portable multimedia player (pmp) with original game console function. so they don't need to produce those three types of product. the cost reduced. the market has a bright future.

but not all people wanna have a such large stuff yet. so mp3 players are still workable. but i think the life can be seen. so ipod will soon have more functions. another market of mp3 players market is small size which yet to be replaced by integrated stuff. from the experience of n-gage, mobile phone cannot make so console alike. maybe few years later when 3/4g really become dominant, then phone + console is a cool idea.

August 09, 2005

new ads area inside the mtr train

originally uploaded by hermanwest.

how much can mtr earn from new installation? but no help to fare cut

August 08, 2005

straight from the gut

actually it's just not a autobiography. it tells how welch acts as a person.

somethings i should improve:
  1. self-confidence (for my performance measured in ge way. i should get fired after first year - not raising my salary may be good for me to understand the situation)
  2. speaking
  3. organisation of work (today got traced my work from old workmates)
  4. reducing error

August 07, 2005

such sweet sorrow

finished watching one of the best episodes in the old ER (before dr greene gone away). when will current er end?

  1. lucky abby had been a nurse before as a doctor. and the behavior of malucci signed him away
  2. carol had gone because of the patient words, soul mate. frank had come as a mad man
  3. carter needed to be treated after the dead of lucy, then he would be becoming mature
  4. luka was much younger!!!
  5. mark is maturer than carter for the death. but what he hoped for his daughter rachel not being growing up too fast failed.

August 05, 2005


3 guys played for around an hour. my fitness is a bit better. can play in a non-stop way.
then sang at the karoake box for over five hours and took dinner nearby.

August 04, 2005

when to have iTunes Music Store in HK?

finally first asia-pacific iTunes Music Store operated in Japan selling with local materials. when will hk get the store? the only online store only provides digitally protected wma stuff which is not directly supported by ipod! (you need to burn the songs to cd and rip it back in itunes. rofl).

plan before finding my second job

back to cityu

took lunch with carmen and steve. and met pai wing. but something changed: danny has left and everyone seems a bit further strange to each other. a year pasted, the friendship is fading away...