August 28, 2005

east kowloon

i was lazy at home and i heard a lego exhibition in town now. so i went today. but first is to help my sister to borrow a book from neaby public library because her card was lost. in addition, i changed the address record which i should be done two years ago. then i stepped into the mtr to tseung kwan o for the exhibition.

around an hour, i reached the site and what i wanna say is shit. it's so damned small. but i soon forgive it as the lego hk limited wasted their resources on rentin' the place in comic exhibition (i don't think that is a good place to promote lego). and only the interested party built their own stuff to show their passion (i think i have a bit of passion!). the shoppin' mall the exhibition situated is small and not with many people there. many locals were goin' to a better one which was my next stop.

apm is the latest big mall in hk. i rushed in after few months the shops were doin' their business. the atmosphere is a bit better than langham place and also target on teens parents use money to compensate their lack of care. what i only got is a very good condition book (2001 uk edition) there.

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