August 14, 2005

a one-day trip to guangzhou

yesterday woke up at 6am (only slept 5 hours). took breakfast near mtr station. then got on a bus to shatin to join aunt to go to mainland. why? took a lunch with grandma. it's not lucky to tell why to take lunch together as aunt said. standed on the ground of shenzhen at around 9am. finding there changed a lot because of the start of subway there. quickly bought tickets and got on the train. on the trip, my aunt told us how terrible the thefts are and she's so afraid that she wanna sell her house near guangzhou.

only one midway stop, we arrived guangzhou just more that an hour. we told the taxis to go to the elderly house where grandma's livin'. taxis? first one we wanna take was driven by a foreign province who didn't know the address. second one knew the way but used the wrong way! petrol is limited in mainland because oil companies cannot raise prices without the approval of the government. so when there were news sayin' petorl is in town, lots of drivers are just queueing outside the gas stations. but the bad habits of chinese flow out again here. the queue blocked the road and no police there. so there is a jam on two ways traffic! yes, not one way. the drivers just crossed the double line to another way to pass thru the jam. if the other way has no cars, that's fine. but the world is not easy for you. so we were in the jam and no one stopped cars coming. finally we walked away from the trap and found another taxi to the destination.

grandma's health is continuously decaying and she cannot walk too far from the home. we took a lunch at the nearby restaurant. it shared the name as a hk brand named restaurant but they should have no relationship. their chef sucks as usual. each time the steamed fish is still fresh when it comes to our table and we need to blame them again.

after the meal, we took the taxi to the station and bought the tickets to shenzhen. this time the train is a bit cool. it's the first mainland-built high speed train, blue arrow. simialr to the trip eariler, it stops at a midway station in the journey. finally the time we arrived at shatin was around 4pm.

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