August 30, 2005

Interview @ Manson Engineering Industrial Limited

it's extermely near to my home. the hk office i think is small such as there is no receptionist and the doors are wooden. without the luminaires, anyone will think it as a warehouse.

two people interviewed me, one is the director (i don't know at that time). the things they asked are related to what i did for my old job! what did you do? what kind of products did you test? how to test? how much did you test? how did you define which part to be tested with which part of standard? what material can withstand glow-wire test?... a question they asked are interesting. any seminar set up by your old company to tell their customers about the changes of the new standards? oh, none.

after that they talked about their products range, whether willing to travel to mainland for their factory, R&D, and seminar... then they talked about they can pay my requested salary, the 1st year is in contract base. there should be 13th month salary (without a break for their company history) but not written in b&w... need to work 5 & 1/2 days a week while there's a one free weekend in each month. need to work from 8:15/8:45 to 5:15 to 5:45.

finally they asked me to wait for their call.

i went back home and changed my clothes and joined mom and her workmates to have buffets at the spice market. obviously i'm the dull guy of the day.

tommorrow i'm gonna go to another company to have an interview.

P.S. muji silvercord is gonna shut down after sept 9th.

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