August 26, 2005

comment on "Flickr and Yahoo! IDs, redux" from flickr blog

"... For example, we will have a payment system that won't require you to use PayPal..."

i don't pay flickr to get a pro account but i think patpal is cool, the most common one yet.

"Q: OMG, it is really annoying to have to log in to Yahoo over and over many times a day just to get my Flickr fix! [This is not a question.] Uh ... isn't it annoying?!!?"

that's what i hate!

"A: Yes, it really, truly is. It's enough to drive one batty. And it's a bug. And a fix will be out soon. It's taken a while, but for security reasons we couldn't do the quick fix here. Just be patient for one more week :)

Or, you know, if you merged your and your Yahoo! ID and it is driving you crazy, then we'll unmerge your account. All you have to do is write to us (read the announcement from last week for details). You'll still have to re-merge it later, but by then things will be muuuuuch smoother."

"Q: OK, fine. New users can use Yahoo! IDs, but I don't have one and don't want one — why should I have to merge?
A: You don't for now. Some time in 2006 you will... "

i cannot wait so i unmerge. but still have to re-merge? let's see in 2006

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