April 24, 2011

lego city #8401 city mini-figure collection

  1. chair design
  2. nice use of skate as cover of traffic light
  3. nice design of minifig face
  1. stickers
  2. still with cassette recorder?
  3. too top of traffic light

April 22, 2011

thirteen back, masters gone

the dig – it’s a little simple for the case but that made more sense for the case. & it's cool to introduce thirteen back. masters should be also credited to get the final hint. taub & his life were actually the same type of persons! it’s nice to keep them in the loop. it’s not odd in this episode without wilson or cuddy passing by. i loved the spud-gun competition. it shows how rock thirteen can be after shooting troy & cowboys and aliens. and how house handled his trouble in a ‘smart’ way.

last temptation – masters is a freak. she started to ‘boot’ her mind into medicine just after wake up. she should be the smartest among house’s diagnostic team members but also the one who stuck the rules most. that’s what house loved and hated. but she cannot stay anymore: 1. thirteen is back at least up to the end of this season; 2. masters is no longer a med student and there’s no internship in house’s team (if that big rule can be broken, she can bypass that internship); 3. she cannot accept the rules house sets. she will be mad and may end like kutner… after huddy, what can cuddy do? just a cameo on masters’ decision? she should know masters’ stuff in surgery and did something on that. btw the chicken competition is so damned funny. how come house’s chicken was not caught after security notified and blocked masters’ way???

April 21, 2011

pixar 25 years of animation

computer animation obviously is one of the methods to present the idea to audiences. even that can show some details while other methods cannot, other things are also important to make an animation successful.you can find one or two in this exhibition.
there are two things interested. first is the draft of some characters is different to the end product. Like kevin in Up, there were few different looks. And lotso in toy story 3, the original was much more cute which the characteristic was not finalized.
another is some drawings are covered with another layer of paper. some were forming the final part of drawing like for the birds. another seemed to cover the original one as in ratatouille. linguini was back to us but what he had faced in the original?
there is something cover the coming short, hawaiian vacation, which is about barbie & ken from toy story 3. will it be uncovered after launch of cars 2?
it’s worth to buy the related publications which simply costs HK$24 and contains much descriptions shown inside the exhibition. but it’s sad that memo pad gift is out of stocks…
p.s. moral standard of hk people is disappointing. how can we ask other organizations to support exhibitions in future?

lego city #7641 city corner

  1. design is ok for bus;
  2. street light stand is cool;
  3. cool details include fire hose, pizza oven, cctv, flood light;
  4. pizza restaurant building is in modular.
  5. pizza oven is nice;
  1. it’s a bit strange for bus even much better than before, like doors for bus not realistic; seats layout is odd;
  2. 2nd floor of pizza shop is wasted;
  3. where can the bicycle be displayed in the shop?
  4. there are too many stickers and they are hard to be placed well!

April 02, 2011

[h]ouse before 150th episode

family practice – script was good on foreman!!! masters made me feel a bit like cameron.

you must remember this – too good memory the patient is… but the story is a bit dull. this episode wasted the boost of super bowl ads

two stories – ti’s not so normal style episode. script was good to make abnormal scenes forgotten. old performance of huge laurie was shown in front of him & cuddy and i love that. but there were too few wilson scenes. and content was too dirty especially in front of fifth-grade. does house really grow up? favorite: Who password-protects a computer they keep in a locked desk in a locked office? Someone who works with someone who thinks it's okay to break into other people's homes?

recession proof – what a sad story. masters is not dull on social matters anymore? house should be miserable in order to be smart? that’s the 2nd time house thought that issue. and seems long time the team does not use the white board to study the symptoms

bomeshells – is that a good time to make joke on two & a half man? btw story style cannot be used for another episode. sorry for house to face that event so early (after last episode he failed to show up in gala. cuddy should expect he doesn’t show up this time. he needs something to support him but he may choose the wrong one)

out of the chute – patient is interesting, master is interested in the patient (one is outgoing & vice versa) after being a bookworm for a long time. house is interested in being free from borders. he is doing what he can do after being dumped by cuddy. but medicine is not exciting.

fall from grace – house & cuddy can be professional after breakup? do wilson & cuddy have a chance to be together? will masters be in danger after being interested by a murderer?