April 22, 2011

thirteen back, masters gone

the dig – it’s a little simple for the case but that made more sense for the case. & it's cool to introduce thirteen back. masters should be also credited to get the final hint. taub & his life were actually the same type of persons! it’s nice to keep them in the loop. it’s not odd in this episode without wilson or cuddy passing by. i loved the spud-gun competition. it shows how rock thirteen can be after shooting troy & cowboys and aliens. and how house handled his trouble in a ‘smart’ way.

last temptation – masters is a freak. she started to ‘boot’ her mind into medicine just after wake up. she should be the smartest among house’s diagnostic team members but also the one who stuck the rules most. that’s what house loved and hated. but she cannot stay anymore: 1. thirteen is back at least up to the end of this season; 2. masters is no longer a med student and there’s no internship in house’s team (if that big rule can be broken, she can bypass that internship); 3. she cannot accept the rules house sets. she will be mad and may end like kutner… after huddy, what can cuddy do? just a cameo on masters’ decision? she should know masters’ stuff in surgery and did something on that. btw the chicken competition is so damned funny. how come house’s chicken was not caught after security notified and blocked masters’ way???

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